Tactial Furniture For Sale

Introducing Tactical Furniture

In my Defensive Pistol Training Program, I go to great lengths to make a student responsible for his or her weapons.  One of our more important concerns is how to keep firearms safe from children and crooks, yet still be quickly accessible.  

We are now connected with a fine furniture builder who only uses thoroughly dried Costa Rican hardwoods that are sustainable.  These people have been in the bushiness a very long time and have a 99% on time delivery.  I’m including a few pictures to show you what me mean but the term, “Tactical Furniture,” however the best way is to design it right into the house when it’s being built.  Please give us a call while you’re planning your house and we can make suggestions that will work for life.  It’s silly to live with the fear of being robbed or assaulted in your own home.  

If you’re building a house, they will custom make your kitchen, bathroom and closet furniture so your hidden places are “built in.”   If you want sofas, dining room tables, beds, book shelves or hidden doors, these people do impeccable work whether it’s hand carved or contemporary.  You choose the wood and design, they’ll do it right the first time.  3

Feel free to look on the internet and pick out an idea you like and Tactical Furniture will hand craft it for you. If you have a particular requirement, we’ll build to your dimensions.  We can visit your location, take measurements and make suggestions before, during or after construction.

Our furniture is affordable, not cheap.  We ship to the US or Canada.  We’re the perfect blend of Tico and American know-how.  We’re also bilingual and bi-cultural and we won’t give you up.  

Give us a call.   Paul 8898-9398


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