To apply for your permit to Buy, Import, Own or Carry a gun, you must first have a PERMANENT RESIDENCY WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.

Call don Enrique Rodriguez, for an appointment for the exams below.  He’s our Range owner and Bi-lingual instructor at: 8308-7216 or 8318-1461


1) Pass a psychological exam from a qualified person.  (we can arrange this exam)
2) Pass the written Theoretical Exam given by the Police. (we can arrange an approved interpreter)
3) Pass the Practical Shooting Exam given by the Police.  (all three of these tests are available at our range with appointment.)

P1110927 (Medium)

Thelma & Louise

On the day of your exam, bring your cedula or passport and a copy of it.

Wait Two Weeks
While you’re Waiting…
Drive (bus) to San Jose, Park in a lot that you can find again. bring a book…
Take two (you only need one here) Passport Sized Photos and take a Taxi to Marcado Central (in front of Police Academy).  Leave your gun at home, son.  Walk up to the entrance and tell them you want your finger prints done.  This is where you give them your Passport Picture.  Have an extra copy of your cedula just in case.
Take a Taxi to Circuito II del Poder Judicial to get your Hoja de Delincuencia. Should take ten minutes.  They are nice there and will direct you.
Get copies of everything you got today.
Ask me to email you a paper in Spanish saying you want to carry your gun.  Just put your name at the bottom and sign it.

If you’ve taken my course, then you have an idea what kind of Gun you’d like to buy.  Go shopping!  Put a deposit on a gun and get a receipt.  Friendly Gun dealers on this site will treat you well.  Many of them will submit the paperwork for you so you just need to take your paperwork to Armas y Explosivos to get your card and matircula.

Two weeks is up!
This Just In: Armas y Explosivos is only open for personal permits and registration of guns on Tuesday and Friday’s.  Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays are for Security Guards only
Make sure you’ve got it all and go to Armas y Explosivos near la Savana early in the morning.  Bring a book.  Buy Timbres before getting in line.  You’ll want two for your two matriculas (one is a spare)  Buy another Timbre to carry your gun when you get it.  Get in line and read your book.  Have your papers organized when you arrive.  Follow instructions till you come out later with your Card permitting you to carry your gun (that last photo you had could be on it or have them take another one there and wait longer.)
Pick up your gun in 22 days!  The police need to go to the store, see the gun and connect the dots to you. Then it’s really yours.

Don’t forget, got a question?  Ask me to put it on this page right here, Thanks, Paul

I have a question concerning owning a registered firearm for use in the home only.

Can an expat with a pensionada residencia own a firearm for protection in their home, under the properties corporation?

I would really appreciate your expertise feedback and should the answer be “YES” How and What paperwork would be required?
The only way to have a gun in your corporation is if an officer of the corporation has the currant permissions to buy, own or carry a firearm.  This is not impossible  just a pain for you to go through.

This officer need not have any real power to manipulate the corporation but he should be someone of confidence; preferably a friend.  If he doesn’t have these permissions and would like to have them anyway, and has permanent residency; we can get him through the program to a satisfactory conclusion. Details of how to get these permits are at the beginning of this page.

The “location” of the corporation must be in the same building you wish to protect.  An office would do.  A local attorney can “put” your office in your home and install your company officer into your corporation.   Check first if you are zoned to have an office there.  Usually okay on that but bean counters will be bean counters….

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