Defensive Shooting Course

We teach the use of Cover

We teach the use of Cover

Hi, I’m Paul Furlong, a home owner in Atenas, Costa Rica. Now with sixteen years in the same Barrio and part of my community. Sad to say, crime has risen with a falling economy, and suddenly become an issue in Atenas. Two years ago, there was a rash of armed robbery’s in our little town. If you believe the numbers, in late July and early August, about ten days; there were some twenty such robberies. I suspect this is an inflated number but even if it’s half, that’s a lot of robbin’ goin’ on. People looked out from under their umbrellas and thought about selling.

Then a strange thing happened. On a bus to Atenas, three armed men tried to rob the people. An OIJ agent happened to be on board and told them to stop. Shots were exchanged, a bad guy died, another wounded and a third thoughtfully surrendered. Days after, four armed men tried to rob my neighbor. My wife and I heard them kick in his door. I went to investigate. A bad guy had a gun to my friend’s head. I shot him. When it was over there was one dead and another wounded and two more to take him away. No good guys were hurt. Again, that was two years ago and up till now, no armed home invasions. Bravery had nothing to do with it. Both the OJI agent and I did what we trained for. I can train you, too.

The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail…. the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation.” Jeff Cooper

I offer a 2 Day Course for $280 (including range fees).  Glock Pistols are available.
You’re welcome to bring your own to save rental fees. We have ammo for sale or you can bring your own.  I’ll teach you to shoot and make you able to react correctly under various stress conditions. Includes “Mental Set,” and “Situational Awareness.”  You’ll be able to move and shoot and handle your weapon without thinking about it.  Our course is filled with little details which put you in control and turn fear into action when you need it most.  Contrary to popular belief, this teaching is designed to keep you out of a fight; out of a place where it’s likely to happen, and open one’s eyes to the world around them.

We can schedule classes to work for you     8898-9398

Course Itinerary

 Paul Furlong: Instructor

Day One:  Classroom from 8:00 a.m. to about 11:00 a.m.  Class includes Firearm Safety, which is a series of habits you’ll develop to save you from tragic mistakes, yet leave your firearm available when you need it.

We’ll cut through Hollywood myths and work on weapon and bullet choice.  Mental Set is a very important part of the course.  I spend maybe too much time on it, but it’s the difference between acting or just standing there while someone takes your gun away.  I cover Situational Awareness in such a way that you’ll see trouble walking through the door.  Trouble, by whatever name, will see you too; and leave you alone because of the confidence you give off.  I spend enough time on this subject until I see you get the picture.  Criminals make stupid choices but that doesn’t mean they’re dumb; they play games to get to you.  We teach how to “game the gamers.”

At this point, about 11:00 a.m. we snack and take a short break.  Then we begin to work with guns.  We’ll learn how to make a weapon safe, proper etiquette with a firearm, and draw very firm lines about that is permitted and what isn’t. We’ll work through “Presenting” your firearm through incremental steps until the trigger is pressed. You’ll start with dry fire (no ammunition) and firearm manipulation.  I’ll take you slowly through the motions until you begin to develop muscle memory.  You’ll soon be shooting and learning to use cover.

I’ll teach you the fundamentals of flash sight picture and surprised break trigger control.  We shoot till about 2 pm, depending on rain, your ability to absorb the information or at what point the learning stops.
Day Two starts at 8:00 a.m. and continues till about noon, longer if necessary.  By that time you’ll have learned to use cover, shoot while moving and reload under stress. I used to make the course three days but it was too much for most people and added no further knowledge.  When you graduate, I’ll read a conclusion and invite you to become a member of La Garita Pistol Club.  You’ll be invited to attend our Meetings (just pay the special $20 range fee for graduates) on the last Sunday of each month.  Here we shoot, talk about laws, guns we’d like to buy and practice drills to keep us sharp.  Not a lot of people attend but those who do get to be friends and become pretty good with a gun, too.  Then it’s something you look forward to and can’t wait for the last Sunday of the month like I do.
Hope to see you soon, Paul Furlong

What Graduate Students say about my Firearms Training Course

Mr Paul Furlong September 11, 2011Atenas, Costa Rica

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much Marianne and I have enjoyed your classes, and training with you. You have really got us hooked. We feel much safer at home, and our everyday lives residing in Costa Rica. Even the simple things we have learned have allowed us to be prepared, and handle a firearm confidently and safely. I never would have thought 6 months ago I would enjoy the sport of pistol shooting as much as I do.Everyone who you have referred us to has been truly professional and gone out of their way help at all times. I would confidently recommend working with you in all facets of firearms training from young adults on up, regardless of experience. You are never too old to learn a new trick. We look forward to continuing to expand our knowledge with you.

Thanks Again,
Scott Wollin
Quepos, Costa Rica

Paul, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the practical pistol-craft training I received recently from you. As you have stated on your website, owning a gun doesn’t make you armed. Through your professional instruction, I feel that I know how to prepare before the fact, as well as be prepared to react when trouble comes. The training and practice allow your students to do the right things automatically when time is of the essence in the protection of their home and loved ones! We hope trouble never comes, but with the preparation that comes from taking your course, I don’t fear being helpless in a bad situation. Thanks for providing this valuable training!

Tom Briggs

Washington, DC / Atenas, Costa Rica

Dear Paul,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the valuable instruction we received in your course on Defensive Pistol Craft. Not only was firearm safety and handling drilled into our heads, but the practice of firing and moving around defensively on the range was a great learning experience.

The discussions on developing a mindset concerning preparedness will serve us well in many areas of our lives. Thanks for a great class, and we look forward to honing our skills along with the other members of the newly formed La Garita Pistol Club.

B and L

“Like most of Costa Ricans, I grew up in a country with no army, my parents never had a gun, and I always thought that having a gun in your house could only bring bad consequences, so taking the handgun training made me go from being REALLY scared of guns to respect them. Learning about them made me more confident and confortable to use them. The course that Paul teaches is not only about guns, he teaches you about alertness and to analyze your surroundings at all times. I really enjoyed the training and now I’m just looking forward to keep learning!”Best Regards, Stephani Chacon Rivera

Hola Paul,
Just wanted to thank you again for your informative class and training. Even with my experience in the military and law enforcement, I learned a lot and would recommend your class to anyone regardless of their familiarity with firearms or security. I especially enjoyed being able to handle, compare, and fire a variety of pistols of .45, .40, 9mm, and .38 special at the class held at the La Garita Pistol Range.

Being able to converse with a Costa Rican attorney who was well versed and experienced in the field of Costa Rican firearm law was a real bonus to the class.
Best regards,
Ted Geyler

Paul, thank you for the pistol training course at the La Garita Pistol Club.

This was not my first shooting course, but it was the most informative and practical that I have taken. What I really liked about the course was that it was uniquely customized to this country because your years of experience in Costa Rica and understanding of the most likely threats and scenarios that would be encountered by someone living here. Even further, listening to your firsthand experience of confronting a violent home invasion shows that defensive pistolcraft “works”.
I would recommend this course to anyone interested in personal defense for themselves and their family.

Resident, Manuel Antonio

Hi Paul:

Your course was very informative and I learned a lot I needed to know. I wish I had taken
it years ago. Your presentation made it fun at the same time. Thanks for being so professional.


Hi Paul
I am very proud of Katherine and am pleased that she did so well. She cannot stop talking about her accomplishments and the professionalism of you and your course. I am sure between the two of us you will have more clients in no time.
I feel better that she has this training and the confidence to shoot a gun if needed in an unforseen event. Thank you!
Thanks you for your kind words towards Katherine’s efforts and accomplishments and look forward to seeing more pictures and the story from AM Costa Rica …… please forward the link and or dates it is to be published when you know.
Thanks Paul,

Fred and Katherine

Thank you Paul you were a great teacher and I felt very comfortable and confident due to your professionalism and guidance. I was not sure about taking this course and am glad my husband pushed me to do this. I now feel that if confronted in a situation that required this type of defense, I would be prepared and ready to defend myself.

I found myself intrigued and curiously comfortable handling a gun even though I had never touched one before in my life. This is an experience that was not only educational but feel could be a valuable asset in the event of some unexpected danger.

Thank you Paul and look forward to shooting with you again,


Hi Paul,
Just wanted to say thank you for a great course and a great weekend. Your experience, knowledge and enthusiasm really made the lessons stick! From never having shot a firearm to 24 hours later putting four rounds in a target from 21 metres whilst sitting down is a testament to you and all that you do. I look forward to shooting with you again. Regards, J.K.

We had a great time learning how to handle our weapons. Paul was very patient with us and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. And we had many! Prior to taking the course, I think we were a little apprehensive, but within 48 hrs. we left confident that we could handle situations when and where ever they may occur.

It was a great class, well worth the time and cost. We would very much recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn how to protect themselves and use a firearm safely and smartly.

Thanks Paul.
Aspasia and Denyse

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to say thank you for your expertise and close attention in giving us this course. It was a lot to swallow even though I have experience handling guns and I realize I have to do some extra practicing to get it to a comfortable level . I seriously recommend your course to anyone wanting to learn defense with a firearm.
Thanks again.

“Paul’s course takes you beyond plain target shooting into the realm of surviving in real world situations. Total situational awareness, lots of instructions of what might improve your shooting and a whole lot of runnin’ and gunnin’ is what happens in this course.”
John Wegner

I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you spent with me on the gun course. I know I now have the knowledge and confidence necessary in the handling and use of a firearm. It was an informative and enjoyable experience. I would also like to thank you for helping me to obtain the required psychology report and attending the Fuerza Policia practical test towards obtaining my “Carry Permit” – I will be applying for it next week.
Again, many thanks
Ron”My brother’s birthday present this year was the pistol training course with Paul. I took the course, as well. Both my brother and I were new to working with firearms.Paul’s course begins with safety instruction, mixed with historical facts in context. He also explains how choice of weapon and the caliber of the round affects stopping power. Safety is an extremely important concern for the first time shooter, and I felt totally comfortable and confident using the pistol (Glock 9mm) after the safety instruction portion of the course.We then practiced shooting targets for several hours until the end of day one’s session, focused on accuracy and comfort with the firearm under increasing levels of complexity, and in different scenarios. On day two, we went straight into working with potential real life scenarios, including how to protect yourself and your family during a home invasion. We also improved our speed and accuracy during timed exercises. Paul’s course is a must for the first time shooter.We’d like to thank Paul for giving us a proper education in the use of firearms, and for the valuable instruction and hands on training. We graduate the course with a confidence in the use of firearms for protection. We’re looking forward to continuing our training and seeing you on the last Sunday of each month!”Thank you,
Mike and Steve

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