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Emphasis on Defense for Women and Couples…’cause this ain’t no disco…

They came in through the Kitchen…

Confidence for those edgy days.

Karmic Safety for the shooter…      Not so much for the shot-tee.

Develop Habits and Muscle Memory that stick with you for life.

Mental Set using the most peaceful options first… yet prepare you to respond with deadly force if necessary.

Situational Awareness like a cat, relaxed… in a state of sublime calmness, but you’ll notice trouble while others are looking at their phones.

Feel GOOD with a gun… know how to use cover, move under pressure… how your gun works… to clean it, what to buy, where to keep it and hundreds of helpful bits that fill the cracks for a well rounded knowledge on the subject of self defense with a firearm.

Couples: become a team, maybe for the first time in years… this is good stuff. We make it fun. (hint: women make better students)

Proviso: I do not teach anyone to kill. I teach people to STOP someone who is attacking them… the only reason to have a gun.

Warning: stopping someone with a gun may cause unintended consequences… Karma on the part of the attacker.

Single Student $280

Couple $500

2 Couples $900

What you get:

~ 2 Days instruction plus free (pay Range Fees) refresher practice with me for life… (mine, not yours). Does not include Advanced training
~ Free Range Fees (I pay them)
~ Automatic entrance to La Garita Pistol Club. You only pay range fees, I work with you to improve your game at no extra charge. (Subject to  to scheduling).
~ Firearm, ear/eye protection provided

What you Don’t get:

~ The 150 rounds of 9mm ammo each shooter needs. I’ll tell/show you where to get it.
~ Sensible shoes and a good thick belt that fits you. Passport or Costa Rica ID required.

Paul Furlong 8898-9398

Not sure if you can see… this woman is having fun!