Guns & Roses

Nobody doesn’t care about Firearms. Hated or loved, no one is ambivalent about their purpose, beauty and engineering excellence. The same could be said for the men and women who carry them.

I’ve never been much of a Joiner.  I left Cub Scouts on the second meeting and resented school for as long as it lasted.  The same with firearms organizations.  So when it comes time to show my Credentials as a Firearms Instructor, there isn’t much to show there either.

In those heady days when IPPSC was just being formed and a certain Colonel Jeff Cooper began to question the old ways.  “Defensive Pistol” became a hot topic in the gun world.  About that time a few of us formed a club that was closed to the public and further membership.  We hired a Dozer to make a backstop and began to work on our game.  Our Club members were “working” people.  Jewelers in New York City, a Private Detective; even a Pizza Delivery guy who worked in Trenton New Jersey.  You could always tell when he was on the firing line because he was the only one who held his hand in the air as if holding a pizza.  We weren’t learning to shoot, we were learning to live.

1873 Peace Maker.  It won the West and Kept the Peace.

1873 Peace Maker. It won the West and Kept the Peace.

Going through my papers, I found a couple ear warn Diplomas; two From the NRA and one, that I’m far more proud of from Norm Engelhardt’s NPI (Northeast Pistol Institute). Today however, another Testimonial arrived as an attachment from my friend and old Club Member, Emanuel (Manny) Kapelsohn.

Merry Christmas and an Enlightening New Year,

Paul Furlong

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