Old photo of Larry.  I had my camera but we just shot the day away with our pistols.

I arrived at about ten to eight; no one there.  Good I thought, I’ll have time to mount some targets and plan a course of fire.

But the river kept me transfixed as it gurgled by, it was a beautiful day and I began to think it would be cool if no one showed.  Then my friends Dan and Joanne drove in.  Always good to see them.  I started wiping the fiddling table of water and grit.

We soon had targets up as we chatted about new taxes, life, babies and the great winter we’re having.  Finally Greg arrived with his new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield from “Hurican” in Alajuela (who also sells Mil-Comm Products).

So we shot till we were out of ammo.  We played with my laser sight but it wasn’t bright enough.  I suppose those green ones are better but I’ve never seen one.  The trick is to keep the surprise factor going for the shooter.  If we make out a dance card and everyone steps right, shoots the closest target and moves to cover over here; what happens if a target not on the sequence suddenly lights up and begins firing?  In a real fire fight there are people trying to flank you.  Everything is moving and we should train for more surprises.  There are some very expensive ways to make this happen.  I want to do it cheap.  Suggestions are welcome from the club.

Speaking of the Club, if someone wants to make up a course of fire, please say so and we’ll talk about it.  One day after the rush of high season is over, we’d like to invite you to a 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. dusk to dark shoot.


DECEMBER 29th 2013

CONCEALED CARRY DAY: Everyone please come concealed.  Your weapon must not “print” or bulge and you must be attired for Costa Rica, not Alaska.  Gun must be accessible and quick into action.  Magazines in back or front pocket are okay.  Must NOT be accessible to a guy walking behind you.  fnx-45 Good lookin Gun






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