Another Brown Bag Special…

It's amazing the wildlife we see at the range.  Soon to be butterfly's, all of them incognito.

It’s amazing the wildlife we see at the range. Soon to be butterfly’s, all of them incognito.

As I’ve said before, we teach the same kind of humility that martial arts does.  We don’t want our graduates posting warning signs outside their doors or showing their neighbors their new guns.  A handgun is a last resort device that will save a life in skilled hands. If thieves know you have guns, they’ll come for the guns.  When they get there, they may just shoot first if they think  you’re armed.

Every student and everyone who shoots at La Garita Pistol Club gives his full name, passport or cedula number and we take the numbers of his gun.  Everything is then sent to Ministario de Seguridad.  So if we have a “Brown Bag Special,” it is at the student’s request and for his own security.  Just so you know there’s no funny business going on.

Mr. Bagger took notes during class and we were done with the lecture by 11:00 a.m. I’ll say this about him; he shot accurately from the beginning.  The rest was working on form and developing muscle memory.  By the next day he was moving and using cover and practicing 360 degree awareness as he figured out tactical problems.  I’m proud of Mr. Bagger and happy with myself that he did so well.  We can help you become safe and competent with your weapon or help you choose one that fits you when the time comes.  8898-9398


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