A Distinguished Older Couple Came to La Garita Pistol Club last week…

Tom brought his own .45....

Tom brought his own .45….

There’s a funny thing about doing something a long time; how teaching  develops into a personal read for each student.  Years ago, as a certified NRA instructor, I used to teach basic Home  Defense.  There were often ten students in a class.  I made them safe and they shot well enough for the times.  But now my teaching is more organic and personal with one or two students at a time.

Brought her own .45 too.

Brought her own .45 too.



Take Tom and Carol for example; they had no pride to overcome, they just wanted to be able to defend themselves for these times. I’ve  been working with couples a lot since I started teaching again.  I show them  how to work together and make a dark and dreary subject fun. Sorry there aren’t more pictures.  We had a great 2 days; they took me to “Jalapenos”, a great Mexican restaurant in Alajuela and I taught them to Shoot.  We’re friends now, how cool is that?  Paul



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