La Garita Pistol Club News

“Self Defense is a Human Right”
Two New Graduates!
(…but first; a word about our Brown Bag Special.  We teach the wisdom of “walking softly, and carrying a big stick.”  That is to say, we don’t show our friends and neighbors how cool we look with our new gat strapped to our leg. No bragging about how bad we are…in fact, we lean towards Eastern Martial Arts in the way we conduct ourselveshumble, respectful and caring
 No fowl play here folks, every person who shoots at our range leaves his or her name, cedula or passport number and serial number of the gun used, even if it’s ours).  
Two Cocks and a Chick
Every so often a couple comes along who start from scratch and enjoy every minute of their training.  These two seemed to have “Friend” pasted on their foreheads and indeed; we became friends.  It’s true after all, that Birds of a Feather Shoot together.  Meet the Brown Bagger Family, Martin and Kate.

t takes time to get proper form.  Form is developing the right posture, position and hand placement on the gun every time.  Repeated and gently corrected, it creates “muscle memory.”  People who’ve been shooting all their lives often have a harder time than new students like the Bagger family.  Bad habits are hard to break.  If you own a side arm, why not get some training to go with it?  We can make you safe, and very good indeed. 

 One way to keep your skills up is to attend our Last Sunday of the Month La Garita Pistol Club Gathering.
One such Gathering happened just yesterday, coincidentally the last Sunday of the month of August.  Here’s what happened….
There were 6 of us, three new graduates and a couple old timey shooters from up Texas way.  As usual, we didn’t get a lot of pictures because we were either shooting, moving or reloading!  The old esprit de corps was alive and well at La Garita Pistol Club yesterday.  
Here’s a couple pictures. 
 Next time join us! 

Sometimes the advantages of left handers are over looked.  This is an attempted car jacking.  

A bad day at the range is better than a good day fishing


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