La Garita Pistol Club News

“Self Defense is a Human Right”

July 28 Sunday Shoot
Right to left: Two Texans, Mostly Irishman and a Viking (hide the women)

I thought I’d get away cheap, fire a few rounds and go home, but no… we got into a real shoot out.  No one kept score but these guys shot very well and I had to pay attention to stay with them.  This kind of day is what La Garita Pistol Club is all about; camaraderie, good spirit and improving our game.  We had fun!  
Those of you who have taken my courses   and others who  have come to shoot on 
Last Sunday of The Month
We’re waiting for you!  
Two More Graduates for La Garita Pistol Club
They chose the Brown Bag Special, (can’t blame them), so I thought I’d randomly find a picture… 

Practicing Situational Awareness, really, there were only 2 of them…

They shot very well indeed; and I expect to see them on regular monthly gatherings.  Congratulations my friends!
Exams for purchase and carry permits will be held at the range on August 9th and August 20th.  
Please Call Enrique (8308-7216)for an appointment.  Tell him if you need an interpreter and/or would like to take the psychological exam on the same day.
This is one of those snooze you lose deals, don’t put it off!


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