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La Garita Pistol Club News
Self Defense is a Human Right”

We’ve completed our 1st Firearm Field Day with lots of Pizzazz.  
 What we didn’t have in planning, we made up with extra vigor and a willing crowd.  
44 of you showed up and gave us your support. 
We plan to give it back by supporting you.
 Jose Rodriguez from “Hurican”, in Alajuela displayed a great selection of Firearms.  They also sell Mil-Comm Products, a sign of quality.  Call for directions, 8974-9549 Photo: Garland Baker 
Me, pontificating as usual   Photo: Garland Baker

We had a general discussion on Firearms Laws that exist today and the New Laws with the help of Jay Brodell, Editor of AM Costa Rica and Co Sponsor of This Event.  The New Laws, it seems, are less about safety more about taking away the primary means of defense for private citizens.  There is much historical precedence to show what happens when countries take away these rights.  I leave it for you to ponder.  If you don’t like the trend, however,  support  choose Translate, and join the fight against the 18050 Legislative proposal for citizen control.  If you have a cedula, you’re invested in this country.  This is not something you can go back and fix later if things turn sour.  It’s something you can do now so they won’t.

Jay and his wife Sharon speaking with, Garland Baker’s wife, Xochitl Photo: Garland Baker  

This is about where the pictures run out. Garland Baker took what you see here and I can’t thank him enough.  So just let me say:
We had a great demonstration by some very fine shooters, some pictured below and others of distinction in the use of firearms.  The people gathered there, clapped after each string.  I was proud of everyone; even the crowd.  What a great day!

We offered an opportunity for people to shoot ten rounds with pistols.  Many shot a gun for the very first time in their lives.  All were nervous; there was a huge crowd behind them, but they did well.  

I want to sincerely thank AM Costa Rica, 
Don Enrique
Jose, Eddie, Edgar and friends 
who helped put on the show.
Were there problems?
Yes; I undervalued the generator so we couldn’t make the coffee in the morning.  
We didn’t plan for some participants not show up.
The psychologist who was supposed to speak became angry and left.
People had to wait for us to organize the guns and ammo and I suppose there were other things we missed but, my God, you People who made it were seriously interested in what we had to say and curious about firearms and displayed a wonderful tolerance for the small mistakes we made.  I hope we can do this again.  If we do, please become a regular at La Garita Pistol Club.  We need each other.

I want to especially thank Jose Rodriguez from Hurican in Alajuela for bringing merchandise on a gamble.  He was the only Armaro who came to sell his products.  Jose said he’d come again next time.  Next week I’ll be taking a friend to take a closer look and probably buy that Beretta he’s been longing for.   

Mil-Comm Products was there in force as Gaby Wife, Mauri Brother-in-Law, Andre Daughter and Alex Boyfriend all shared duties cooking Barbecue, poring Cokes and tending the display table for Mil-Comm and NRA Gun Care Systems.
If you missed it, you may catch a better show next time but there will never be more magic than there was at La Garita Pistol Club last Saturday, June 22nd 2013

If anyone plans to be at the range on Sunday 30th please call me 8898-9398  Otherwise, I may stay home and tend the fires of married life.

Dealers Welcome to Set Up at next Event. Please Contact me at 8898-9398 or  Enrique 8381-1461

La Garita Pistol Club News
“Self Defense is a Human Right”
Results Coming Soon for Last Saturday’s Firearm Field Day Extravaganza!  Just waiting for the pictures to ahhh… develop.

In the meantime,
 allow me to report another couple
who made the grade and became La Garita Pistol Club Graduates 

Yes, another Brown Bag Special.  It’s hard to know when you’ll run into a street fight, you want to be ready.  They weren’t fast, but they had plenty of steam.

The right to defend yourself comes in the milk your mother gives you; it’s a human right.  If you have a cedula, support  More on this later. 

We’re waiting for you


There will be a 
FireArms Field Day on Saturday, June 22 
Sponsored by 
AM Costa Rica (who will do a big Splash in their publication for this event)  
La Garita Pistol Club which you can find by pressing>La Garita<
 Begins at 9:00 a.m. and runs till it rains
One of our better Students
This is the first time we’ve done this so if you want to help, please, climb aboard!   Call Paul 8898-9398

[This is also a broad based Request to all GRADUATES of La Garita Pistol Club, especially women, to please join us at no cost, to help with a small presentation.  We’ll have a practice day before, if you haven’t shot in awhile.]

We plan to have Speakers regarding Costa Rica’s new Gun laws, Testing for Purchase, Ownership and Concealed Carry for Civilians.  Attention: employers at Security Companies need to hear how these laws affect you
AM Costa Rica Staff on another day.  Shooting is a Social Event

There’ll be a discussion group for women on the subject self defense.  No matter which side of the issue you’re on, you’re be welcome to join us.

Food we hope, will be there.  (anyone with a quiet generator, please stand up) call Paul       8898-9398

Our friend Anna will be there.  She’s a government approved Attorney and Translator who translates the written permit test for non Spanish speakers.

Young and old,

…truth be told, nobody messes with them enrolled

We’ll have a Psychologist aboard who can give you the exam if you’d like or answer questions.  This is a Bi-lingual event and we’ll do our best to make everyone understood.   

AM Costa Rica will provide donuts and coffee 

We’ll offer responsible opportunities for people to buy packets of ammo and shoot a pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun under the guidance of a range officer.  

Gun Store Owners are welcome to set up a display and demonstrate their weapons in accordance with the range officer.  Please call Don Enrique for details at     8308-7216 or 8381-7216  

There will be a table set up with Mil-Comm Products and a demonstration of their use in Spanish and English.

With passed IDPA Sharp Shooter Champian Luis Montalto and me.

The general thrust of this day is to make people aware of their options in dealing with violent home invasions and armed robbery on the street.  We wish to remove the “Rambo” aspect of self defense and take a more Polite and Practical view of saving your life and the lives of your family.  While most of us agree that God made us equal in His eyes and, hopefully, in the eyes of the law, He didn’t make us the same.  There’s a wry saying in the gun world, goes something like this; 

God created man…  Sam Colt made them equal…

My point is in the hysteria and phobic rush too make guns completely disappear, only good people are being disarmed.  
Costa Rica gives us the right to own a gun.  If we don’t exercise this right, as with all rights, they’ll disappear from lack of use.

So this a combination of Public Service and an Opportunity for those of us in the business of self defense, to make ourselves known.  
Old Friends and old Coots

THANK you Don Enrique for the use of your wonderful range.  Paul Furlong, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
La Garita Pistol Club
Father and Daughter