Pistol Gathering tomorrow, Sunday, May 26th
I made no announcement or plans for a match
I’ve been blue with too much to do.  Won’t you come too?
Just a chance to shoot and listen to the river.  Days like this are usually conducive to learning.  See you in the morning.
Today is a big gathering for a Billion Rising.
It’s about women against violence.
I thought I’d go, but there is so much hostility toward the word “gun,” I think I’ll go shooting instead.  
It’s frustrating.  I love my mom, sister, wife, three daughters and two granddaughters.   I want them to live and not be afraid.  Fortunately for me, most of the women in my life shoot or at least concede it’s a good idea to stop someone who’s attacking them.
Unfortunately for women, they seem caught up in a style of some sort, where it’s popular to hate the very thing that finally made them equal to a 250 pound man with rape on his mind, yes Mom, a Gun.
Food for thought, peace and love for this beautiful weekend.  Paul

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