I’ll make no attempt to call last Sunday a Match
But we sure had fun.
There were three of us,
Wayne, Vern and me
I was relieved to see my friend and ex-boss, Wayne Faddis shot well; nothing worse than pretending to be impressed when you’re not.  He may be built like a fire plug but he moves and he hits.
Vern Shot well too.  In fact we all did once we got started.
I like to begin with a real (fake) scenario before anyone has shot.  This way we attack the problem cold, like it would be on the street or in our home late at night; but we did some warm up drills today just to knock the cobwebs off.  None of us shot particularly well, but we kept the same course of fire and just worked on it.  Pretty soon we were doing extremely well.  Sometimes it pays to stay with the same drill until you get good at it.
Sorry there are no more pictures, no one seemed to care enough to take them.

Then last Tuesday Gary Baura, Command Sergeant Major, Special Forces retired, stopped by to visit his old friend Enrique.  An impromptu training began and we shot all morning and Wednesday  too.  Gary was fun to be with and we joked and learned things we didn’t know.

Two terms in Vietnam, life in the Army with Special Forces, Contractor in Iraq, and he seemed happy to be retired.
Eddie shot best I think.  Enrique and I did okay too.  
No pictures of Edgar or I but we don’t care, we shot Wednesday full of holes too.  I guess the cool thing was all of us had some Police/Military background and still enjoy the sport of shooting.  


Coming up….
Firearm Field Day to be Announced Soon
Questions Answered about Carry Permits
Purchasing a Gun
Importing a Gun
Shooting Demonstrations, 
Packages to shoot your choice of weapon from 22 to 12 Gauge
Food and Soft Drinks
Lectures on Law
Lectures on Firearm maintenance.
Dates, details and Prices to be announced.

Hurry Hurry Hurry, Step Right UP!

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