Past IDPA Sharp Shooting Champion, Luis Montalto and I playing tag and telling our stories.  Note the 3 posters in the background with Armas CR and Mil-Comm Products printed on them.  In fact, all of it in Spanish and English.  Wonderful job Luis!
Mil-Comm Products is on the map
We started at 8:15 a.m. and were done at 11:15 a.m.  It became a real show, as students began to raise their hands and ask questions.  I told them the history of Mil-Comm and how my Uncle Bob started the business and the military pedigree that Mil-Comm has. 
We showed them each product and how they interacted with each other to make a wholly functional lubrication system that is non-toxic and far better and longer lasting than petroleum products on the market today.
They brought their own dirty weapons and cleaned them with the Mil-Comm cleaning kit we supplied each student. Soon we were all quietly working together.  They asked Luis or me to comment on their efforts and we were happy to guide them.  Boy, was it a fun day!
This picture should keep home invaders up at night.  Armed Citizens who’ve trained to defend themselves and learned to keep their equipment up, far outnumber the bad guys.  
Alone in my own little world with a particularly nasty H&K barrel
There was a moment of Graduation where I got to shake each student’s hand and present a signed document.  No pictures of that but here’s a picture of the degree.
Luis and I each signed the documents.  I was touched with the sincerity of each student.

Notice questions are in Spanish and English.  THANK YOU LUIS and DIEGO for your tireless work the night before
8:00 a.m.

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