Two Bits of News
The first: Sadly, we must reschedule our 
Rare & Special Offer at La Garita Pistol Club
On May 7th and 8th 
New Dates are In The Making.
Will Advise


Our second piece of News:
In place of our Regular Match this month on April 28th at 8:00 a.m.
We will be holding a Lecture on Firearm Maintenance and Proper use of Mil-Comm Products.  
*  Who is Mil-Comm and how are they different from NRA Gun Care Systems?  

* Why is Mil-Comm so well known and who in the World uses the stuff?  
* What’s the secret of  TW25B and what makes it different from all the other snake oils on the market?  

* How a Pistol or Revolver works and what forces are in play when the thing goes off?  Where are the points of wear and stress?

*  How to use each of our products and how they work as a team to keep your gun working longer and faster while being safer and cheaper for you to use.

*  Students are encouraged to bring their own dirty weapons for cleaning as we supervise.  They may use their new Cleaning Tools and we will supply the Lubricant, Cleaner and rags.    

* This is a relaxed class and people are encouraged to ask questions about problems they may be having with their Personal Firearm.

*  A display table will be available with Mil-Comm Products for sale.

This Lecture is only 30,000 Colones and includes a Free 20,000 Colones Cleaning Kit with Tools, Patches; 1 Bottle each of TW25B Grease, MC2500 Oil and MC25 Gun Cleaner.  
Instruction will be Taught in Spanish and English by Luis Montalto, ex IDPA Sharpshooter Champion and Me, Paul Furlong.  
This takes place at 38 Special Gun Range in Moravia, San Jose.  You can also use WAZE and tap in “Poligono 38 Special”

To Make Your Reservation, Please Contact Luis Montalto
Rounding out the Calender,
April’s Pistol Match will be held on Sunday May 5th
Got that? Sorry for all this rescheduling, these are the days that try mens souls

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