Rare & Special Offer at La Garita Pistol Club
On May 7th and 8th
2 Special Forces Sergeant Majors, (one retired a year ago), will be teaching  the latest techniques in Tactical Pistol.  
These men are Instructors at Tactical Ranch
This is an excellent opportunity for Instructors to catch up on the latest training techniques and for civilians to get it from the horses mouth.
For this 2 Day Course, you’ll need:
500 Rounds of Ammunition 
Holster and Sturdy Belt
Pistol with 2 Magazines or Revolver with 3 Speed Loaders
Purse (if applicable)
Wrap around Eye Protection, Hearing Protection
Appropriate Attire.
$300 for this Exceedingly Good Deal for both days. (In U.S it’s $500 the first day and $800 the Second)  

This is a First Come, First Serve Offer, don’t miss this opportunity.  
To reserve your space, Call Paul Furlong

 (Pistols available to Rent)

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