Sunday, March 31st
Well, it was a typical La Garita Pistol Match.  Three of us showed up and began to set up targets.  
This was a Special Day, my friend Luis Montalto, owner of and Past Costa Rican IDPA National Sharp Shooting Champion arrived to shoot with us.  He’s excited about Mil-Comm Products.  Me?  I’m excited about him being excited.
Luis Montalto, the brains and the power behind

So as we set up our targets, Luis became animated and began to direct us.  He wasn’t taking over, just in a hurry to shoot.   

Luis refreshed us on the rules of IDPA and showed us how to keep from being disqualified. It’s been on our mind to shoot an event this year, maybe soon.
This is me with my old style Cooper Weaver stance.  I thought I’d look better, maybe with brown hair…
My friend and student, John, was there and shot well with the new Beretta PX4 Storm he bought at El Trabuco.  
A Brand new Gun is a thing to behold.  John seems  happy with it.  It had a nice trigger and fit the hand nicely.
Needless to say, we forgot the match and just set up some scenarios; shot some “El Presidente’s” (a figurative term depicting a particular course of fire).  Soon I was out of ammo and it was time for a beer and quiet conversation in Atenas.  
It had been two years since Luis shot and he’s still blistering fast
All and all, a satisfying day…
Speaking of Gun Lubricants… say you weren’t speaking at all?  Well then, let me speak about Gun Lubricants; MIL-COMM PRODUCTS (.com)  are the very best you can buy for your gun.  Don’t believe it?  Ask the FBI, Special Forces, Navy Seals and Homeland Security to name just a few.  Sure, there are other lubricants out there, but none of them have mil-spec numbers.  More than 36 Arms Manufactures Approve or Specify the use MIL-COMM PRODUCTS.  

They’re here in Costa Rica right now and priced to sell.  If your local gun dealer doesn’t have it, ask him why!  It’s all non-toxic and fully Synthetic.  No petroleum at all.  You’ll find us at (top, right).  Click on the Mil-Comm button and see how easy it is to order right there.  

Let other people use WD40 or Diesel to clean and lube their guns.  Yes, it’s cheap… what’s your life worth?  
La Garita Piston Club


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