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Past IDPA Sharp Shooting Champion, Luis Montalto and I playing tag and telling our stories.  Note the 3 posters in the background with Armas CR and Mil-Comm Products printed on them.  In fact, all of it in Spanish and English.  Wonderful job Luis!
Mil-Comm Products is on the map
We started at 8:15 a.m. and were done at 11:15 a.m.  It became a real show, as students began to raise their hands and ask questions.  I told them the history of Mil-Comm and how my Uncle Bob started the business and the military pedigree that Mil-Comm has. 
We showed them each product and how they interacted with each other to make a wholly functional lubrication system that is non-toxic and far better and longer lasting than petroleum products on the market today.
They brought their own dirty weapons and cleaned them with the Mil-Comm cleaning kit we supplied each student. Soon we were all quietly working together.  They asked Luis or me to comment on their efforts and we were happy to guide them.  Boy, was it a fun day!
This picture should keep home invaders up at night.  Armed Citizens who’ve trained to defend themselves and learned to keep their equipment up, far outnumber the bad guys.  
Alone in my own little world with a particularly nasty H&K barrel
There was a moment of Graduation where I got to shake each student’s hand and present a signed document.  No pictures of that but here’s a picture of the degree.
Luis and I each signed the documents.  I was touched with the sincerity of each student.

Notice questions are in Spanish and English.  THANK YOU LUIS and DIEGO for your tireless work the night before
8:00 a.m.

Two Bits of News
The first: Sadly, we must reschedule our 
Rare & Special Offer at La Garita Pistol Club
On May 7th and 8th 
New Dates are In The Making.
Will Advise


Our second piece of News:
In place of our Regular Match this month on April 28th at 8:00 a.m.
We will be holding a Lecture on Firearm Maintenance and Proper use of Mil-Comm Products.  
*  Who is Mil-Comm and how are they different from NRA Gun Care Systems?  

* Why is Mil-Comm so well known and who in the World uses the stuff?  
* What’s the secret of  TW25B and what makes it different from all the other snake oils on the market?  

* How a Pistol or Revolver works and what forces are in play when the thing goes off?  Where are the points of wear and stress?

*  How to use each of our products and how they work as a team to keep your gun working longer and faster while being safer and cheaper for you to use.

*  Students are encouraged to bring their own dirty weapons for cleaning as we supervise.  They may use their new Cleaning Tools and we will supply the Lubricant, Cleaner and rags.    

* This is a relaxed class and people are encouraged to ask questions about problems they may be having with their Personal Firearm.

*  A display table will be available with Mil-Comm Products for sale.

This Lecture is only 30,000 Colones and includes a Free 20,000 Colones Cleaning Kit with Tools, Patches; 1 Bottle each of TW25B Grease, MC2500 Oil and MC25 Gun Cleaner.  
Instruction will be Taught in Spanish and English by Luis Montalto, ex IDPA Sharpshooter Champion and Me, Paul Furlong.  
This takes place at 38 Special Gun Range in Moravia, San Jose.  You can also use WAZE and tap in “Poligono 38 Special”

To Make Your Reservation, Please Contact Luis Montalto
Rounding out the Calender,
April’s Pistol Match will be held on Sunday May 5th
Got that? Sorry for all this rescheduling, these are the days that try mens souls

Rare & Special Offer at La Garita Pistol Club
On May 7th and 8th
2 Special Forces Sergeant Majors, (one retired a year ago), will be teaching  the latest techniques in Tactical Pistol.  
These men are Instructors at Tactical Ranch
This is an excellent opportunity for Instructors to catch up on the latest training techniques and for civilians to get it from the horses mouth.
For this 2 Day Course, you’ll need:
500 Rounds of Ammunition 
Holster and Sturdy Belt
Pistol with 2 Magazines or Revolver with 3 Speed Loaders
Purse (if applicable)
Wrap around Eye Protection, Hearing Protection
Appropriate Attire.
$300 for this Exceedingly Good Deal for both days. (In U.S it’s $500 the first day and $800 the Second)  

This is a First Come, First Serve Offer, don’t miss this opportunity.  
To reserve your space, Call Paul Furlong

 (Pistols available to Rent)

Sunday, March 31st
Well, it was a typical La Garita Pistol Match.  Three of us showed up and began to set up targets.  
This was a Special Day, my friend Luis Montalto, owner of and Past Costa Rican IDPA National Sharp Shooting Champion arrived to shoot with us.  He’s excited about Mil-Comm Products.  Me?  I’m excited about him being excited.
Luis Montalto, the brains and the power behind

So as we set up our targets, Luis became animated and began to direct us.  He wasn’t taking over, just in a hurry to shoot.   

Luis refreshed us on the rules of IDPA and showed us how to keep from being disqualified. It’s been on our mind to shoot an event this year, maybe soon.
This is me with my old style Cooper Weaver stance.  I thought I’d look better, maybe with brown hair…
My friend and student, John, was there and shot well with the new Beretta PX4 Storm he bought at El Trabuco.  
A Brand new Gun is a thing to behold.  John seems  happy with it.  It had a nice trigger and fit the hand nicely.
Needless to say, we forgot the match and just set up some scenarios; shot some “El Presidente’s” (a figurative term depicting a particular course of fire).  Soon I was out of ammo and it was time for a beer and quiet conversation in Atenas.  
It had been two years since Luis shot and he’s still blistering fast
All and all, a satisfying day…
Speaking of Gun Lubricants… say you weren’t speaking at all?  Well then, let me speak about Gun Lubricants; MIL-COMM PRODUCTS (.com)  are the very best you can buy for your gun.  Don’t believe it?  Ask the FBI, Special Forces, Navy Seals and Homeland Security to name just a few.  Sure, there are other lubricants out there, but none of them have mil-spec numbers.  More than 36 Arms Manufactures Approve or Specify the use MIL-COMM PRODUCTS.  

They’re here in Costa Rica right now and priced to sell.  If your local gun dealer doesn’t have it, ask him why!  It’s all non-toxic and fully Synthetic.  No petroleum at all.  You’ll find us at (top, right).  Click on the Mil-Comm button and see how easy it is to order right there.  

Let other people use WD40 or Diesel to clean and lube their guns.  Yes, it’s cheap… what’s your life worth?  
La Garita Piston Club