When I learned that Dan had taken Massad Ayoob’s celebrated Firearms Training Course, I asked myself what I could teach him.  
I decided not to worry about it and show him what I know.  One of the best parts for me was getting through the Safety section with someone who already understood.  We began with basic drills and were quickly working on fun stuff.

Moving from Cover to Cover

Providing his own Suppressive Fire as he moves to Cover

3 rounds into an attacking target as the shooter turns and runs.. yes, often the better part of valor.  After all, we’re civilians protecting our lives; not police with a mandate.

Dan said there were 30 people in his class and they had to wait their turn while 15 shot.  He said he liked our “one on one” approach.  I relaxed, we talked and found we had a lot in common.  I expect he’ll be moving down here one day.  I look forward to his return and participation in our monthly Matches.

Yes, it’s true, once it all starts; if you’re not Shooting, you should be Reloading; if you’re not Reloading you should be Moving…

Then the Swiss Came
John had been shooting pictures all his life, was famous in his field but had never shot a gun before.  We spent most of the morning on Safety and Mental Set.  Soon we were shooting.  It took awhile for John to get Sights and Trigger sorted out but you know, he did…

Putting together a Flash Sight Picture and a Compressed Surprise Break will get you on the paper.
He learned to use Cover
Reacting to an attacker while turning to run… (pistol always downrange)
Attacking aggressively

John just may be my most Rewarding Student.  He’d had a rocky start but he stuck to his guns… his desire to learn, and is a respectable shooter now.  If he, like all of us, comes to shoot once a month, he’ll hone his skills to be a proper Pistolero. 

Pistol Match this Sunday, March 31st!
8:00 a.m.

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