The Viking Bash
Picture this man with a full beard and horns.  Yes, and a sward instead of a gun.  

Every now and then you’ll run into a couple guys with a history.  This is Roy and Cato from Norway.  They spoke Norwegian to each other, I was fascinated.  

These two pictures are their first shots on the first day.  They were concerned about home security. I believe they’ll be a real surprise for anyone trying to break into their homes now.
They entered without knockin’…
But the house kept Rockin’

And they kept-a-Glockin’

Uh-Ohoooo Vikings with Guns… hide the women!  What’s an Irishman doing in the middle?  Being friends, look how big they are!

Another Couple has Takin advantage of our “Brown Bag Special”

Hard to believe, this couple shot extremely well and are now walking amongst us.

Yes, the Brown Bag Special is still in effect.  If you feel that your Neighborhood Hood might take a Renewed Interest now that you have a Gun instead of that silly stick, just ask us for the BB Special!  What could be simpler?

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