This has been a Busy Month
Three more New Graduates
La Garita Pistol Club
Left to Right: Pete, a 30 year veteran of  Puerto Jimenez Real Estate, Brent and Bob who are neighbors in Atenas.  All came together and made a team.
Bob is a Marine Vet who followed orders perfectly and improved his game considerably throughout the course

This is Bob’s neighbor Brent.  He overcame old habits and got solid hits, the kind of neighbor you want.

Pete had the most interesting “been there and done that” stories.  It’s rewarding to have a man like this want to learn and sharpen his skills.   

 Again, this course is not just about hitting a paper target; it’s about our commitment to defend ourselves and a way of seeing that alerts us to problems before they become imposable to handle…often peacefully.

 I experience a special thrill when I read the last paragraph in my course aloud.  Students understand; they’ve passed into the world of “what is,” and are rightfully proud.  Hurry, the door is open…
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