When people tell me they don’t need my Course that they are already a “Good Shot,” I shrug my shoulders and wish them well.  I feel a certain sadness for these people.  Someday being a good shot might not be enough.  My Friend Howard told me he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.  But these were his first shots after a little instruction.  Imagine yourself parked behind that gun and mustache…

These are the first rounds out of Howard’s gun.. somewhat smaller than a barn.

Today, ladies and gents, we have Two New Graduates. 

Ron got ’em all in too.  One through the same hole.  Not a  first here at La Garita Pistol Club

 Ron had a surprise when we began.  He’s left handed!  We keep a left hand holster for just such a case and Ron began to work on his muscle memory.  
Both men worked hard on their game and did extremely wellA comradery developed between the three of us and the shooting just got better.  

Two guys having fun. 

The First Morning is Pure Classroom.  Towards the end of Class, we begin to work with our pistols and get to handle them.  Then there are the breaks, when we’re just shot out and sit sipping a bottle of water.  This is when the questions and answers come.  Often we’ll create a scenario to match the question and train for that.  Small classes allow that.  I’m proud of my Students.

Oh, by the way, Ron took his written and practical test the next week and aced both exams.  We arranged for a certified translator to be there for him and got a psycological exam arranged the next day, which he passed too.  
If you’re thinking of learning to shoot for real, there has never been a better time!
 Call Paul 8898-9398


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