China Moon and Moonstruck Jack-
Two New Graduates From La Garita Pistol Club
A good woman is hard to find.  This is Jack’s. He calls her “CC
I couldn’t get a good picture of CC’s man, but here’s Smiley, who drew a lot of heat from Jack
CC never had a gun in her hand before this class.  She shot consistently and improved throughout the class.  
Oh, wait, here he is….
Jack’s been shooting all his life.  He was fast, safe and had habits to break.  He worked on his game and got real good.  
These are the first two rounds of CC’s life.  She brought up her speed and confidence and looked to me like a good partner for Jack      
They were proud of each other.  Shucks, I was proud too. 
 Something special happens when two people work together.  These two just clicked and I could feel the light coming off them like a first date under a full moon. 

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