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Friends of La Garita Pistol Club,
We have canceled our Pistol Match for Sunday, March 3rd
Next Match
March 31st  Thanks, Paul

The 5 Minute Gun Clean

When you’ve been Shooting and want to leave the Range with a Clean Gun, get Real, clean the gun and get down the road.  It’s not like you’re in your shop with the music on

But first a word from our Spnsors

This is a small selection of products from Mil-Comm Products.  We are the only authorized Distributor in Costa Rica, buy from a growing number of dealers on our site.  If they’re out, tell them to call me; you have my number… our lubricants are the best.  Look at the list of people who agree:
OIJ San Jose
Sig Sauer (comes with each new gun)
US Army
Air Force 
Foreign Military Customers:  

Belgian Air Force Italian Navy Royal Jordanian Air Force
French Air Force Norwegian Air Force Singapore Air Force
Finnish Air Force Portuguese Air Force Swiss Air Force
Greek Navy Royal Canadian Military U.K. Ministry of Defense
Israeli Air Force Royal Netherlands Air Force UAE Military

Double Check Gun is Empty

Take Gun down for Cleaning.  If you don’t know how, read the instructions.  We use Glocks at the range, but I’ve come to love my M&P Smith & Wesson’s. They take down easier, fit the hand better and never fail. They also have a better magazine release and an ambidextrous slide release.
 Please forgive these pictures, not much detail here.  

With the exception of our MC50 Bore Cleaner, none of our products will Damage Plastic, Wood or the Finish on your Gun.  I use this MC25 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser (in my hand) to clean my glasses; leaves no streaks and makes them sparkle! 
If it’s someone else’s gun and they haven’t been using Mil-Comm Products, you may want to use our MC50 Bore Cleaner.  Brush it in and let it soak.

By wiping down your gun first with a dry rag, you’ve avoided dirty solvent carried into every crevice of your gun.  At the range I use our Weapon Wipes to do a quick clean.  It’s got our TW25B All Synthetic Grease in an Alcohol carrier for cleaning in those hard to reach places.  This is actually a great rag that‘s still a good after the Alcohol has evaporated.  

This is the firing pin hole that I’m pointing to.  Keep solvents and lubricants out of there.  It’s happy and protected where it is.

I often cut a patch right from the Weapon Wipe and run it through the bore after brushing it out.  This leaves a trace of TW25B Solvent-Free Synthetic Grease in the Bore for corrosion protection and fouling from firing the next time.  I even add a very small amount of  TW25B to the patch so the grease is IN the metal, not on top of it.
Wipe down with dry patch or rag.  Then you can use either the Weapon Wipe or a patch with MC25 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser    
If you look carefully along the slide rails, you’ll see a small white line of  TW25B.  In my interest in showing you the product, I actually applyed too much.  The idea is that the lubricant is IN the metal, not on top.  This keeps dust and grime from sticking to your Gun.

Touch any wear marks you may have on your slide and frame and you’re ready to assemble your gun.  Let the slide slam home and dry fire it a few times.  TW25B loves it!  


This has been a Busy Month
Three more New Graduates
La Garita Pistol Club
Left to Right: Pete, a 30 year veteran of  Puerto Jimenez Real Estate, Brent and Bob who are neighbors in Atenas.  All came together and made a team.
Bob is a Marine Vet who followed orders perfectly and improved his game considerably throughout the course

This is Bob’s neighbor Brent.  He overcame old habits and got solid hits, the kind of neighbor you want.

Pete had the most interesting “been there and done that” stories.  It’s rewarding to have a man like this want to learn and sharpen his skills.   

 Again, this course is not just about hitting a paper target; it’s about our commitment to defend ourselves and a way of seeing that alerts us to problems before they become imposable to handle…often peacefully.

 I experience a special thrill when I read the last paragraph in my course aloud.  Students understand; they’ve passed into the world of “what is,” and are rightfully proud.  Hurry, the door is open…
Call for appointment


When people tell me they don’t need my Course that they are already a “Good Shot,” I shrug my shoulders and wish them well.  I feel a certain sadness for these people.  Someday being a good shot might not be enough.  My Friend Howard told me he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.  But these were his first shots after a little instruction.  Imagine yourself parked behind that gun and mustache…

These are the first rounds out of Howard’s gun.. somewhat smaller than a barn.

Today, ladies and gents, we have Two New Graduates. 

Ron got ’em all in too.  One through the same hole.  Not a  first here at La Garita Pistol Club

 Ron had a surprise when we began.  He’s left handed!  We keep a left hand holster for just such a case and Ron began to work on his muscle memory.  
Both men worked hard on their game and did extremely wellA comradery developed between the three of us and the shooting just got better.  

Two guys having fun. 

The First Morning is Pure Classroom.  Towards the end of Class, we begin to work with our pistols and get to handle them.  Then there are the breaks, when we’re just shot out and sit sipping a bottle of water.  This is when the questions and answers come.  Often we’ll create a scenario to match the question and train for that.  Small classes allow that.  I’m proud of my Students.

Oh, by the way, Ron took his written and practical test the next week and aced both exams.  We arranged for a certified translator to be there for him and got a psycological exam arranged the next day, which he passed too.  
If you’re thinking of learning to shoot for real, there has never been a better time!
 Call Paul 8898-9398


China Moon and Moonstruck Jack-
Two New Graduates From La Garita Pistol Club
A good woman is hard to find.  This is Jack’s. He calls her “CC
I couldn’t get a good picture of CC’s man, but here’s Smiley, who drew a lot of heat from Jack
CC never had a gun in her hand before this class.  She shot consistently and improved throughout the class.  
Oh, wait, here he is….
Jack’s been shooting all his life.  He was fast, safe and had habits to break.  He worked on his game and got real good.  
These are the first two rounds of CC’s life.  She brought up her speed and confidence and looked to me like a good partner for Jack      
They were proud of each other.  Shucks, I was proud too. 
 Something special happens when two people work together.  These two just clicked and I could feel the light coming off them like a first date under a full moon.