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 The Perfect Pistol Match
4 Friends, 2 of them seasoned Graduate Students, we began our Monthly Match.
Our good friend Maryanne popping a baddie
 As birds of a feather, we flock together.  Indeed, we’ve become good friends at La Garita Pistol Club.  We discuss the nature of life; of things as they are, not as we wish them to be, and train accordingly.  Each of us read, think, and experiment with things we hope will give us an edge against a home invasion or attack on the street.  Not one of us is paranoid, but we do read the news.
This is a very talanted shooter having a good day.
Yes, this is sport and it’s fun… and yes, this is about saving our lives and the lives of our family’s…sort of like fencing used to be, we play at improving our game.  We understand shooting holes in paper isn’t the same as real life, and we know that if we train to put two rounds here, one round there, and shoot from prescribed distances, we’re setting ourselves up.  
Me, appearing spry here, but you know, I’ll feel it later.
 Even though we planned to time our runs and measure them against our hits, something more interesting happened.  We saw tactical situations unfolding before us and responded as our training and intuition dictated, not by a contrived scenario.  Yes, we used cover and our “built in” Range Safety Rules, but some of us thought three rounds were better than two.  We created our own suppressing fire and hit our targets on the run.   
We added a left hand section in case we get a blister on our trigger finger
Between strings, we stopped and talked about life, relations and firearms.  We called on each other to engage hostile targets in mid conversation.  I found myself shooting better than I ever have.  Practice pays off.  Shooting with friends is fun and fruitful.  If you haven’t been to the range in awhile, maybe you’d like to join us. 
Left handed, this woman shot better than most men with both hands
Who won the match?  We did.  We were either shooting, reloading or moving in that fluid way that athletes do.  There’s a saying, “If you have to think about it, it’s too late.”  So the question is not if you hit every bulls eye or are faster than Speedy Gonzalez; no, the question is did you use cover while reloading?  Did you check for bad guys as you moved from cover to cover along the way?  All of us did last Sunday.  What fun.  
If you’d like to learn, call and make an appointment.  2446-0543 –  8898-9398
The next “Match” is March 3rd since we won’t be available on the last Sunday of February.  To make up for it, we’ll have another Match on March 31st.  Such a deal.
Please note: sign up for classes with as much lead time as possible.  No need for deposits; it seems you always show up when you say you will.  What a great bunch of people you are!
  Thank you for your patronage and general good will.  We’re better than they want us to think we are… Paul Furlong

We have fun on the Range.  This woman isn’t even afraid of being attacked, she just enjoys the sport of shooting.  Don’t be a fool, have fun while you still can.
Don’t Forget… Pistol Match Sunday, January 24
The winner gets a Pat on the Back.  He’ll have to beat some good shooters so the Pat will mean something to him.  See you there!  Starts at 8:00 a.m.
Bring your wife if you dare…She may not be as fast… but she’ll hit the paper.  
If you’ve been putting off that Pistol Course till your teeth are done, you might want to check which way the wind blows.  I’m about booked for February but March is clean.  Call and make reservations while there’s time.  Having a gun is not the most important thing.  Knowing how to use it is.  We have the Glocks! Come and shoot one and find out why most Police and Professional People Swear by them.  Shoot, you’ll be swearing too, once you get the hang of it.  See you there!