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I don’t Know Where to Begin
First let me Apologize for Spacing out the Site.  It’s not that we’re not graduating students or having meets.  I‘m just not keeping up.
So let’s Start with an Impromptu Pistol Match Held this Sunday.  Exciting!
There were four of us, three arrived on bikes, two seasoned shooters and two La Garita Pistol Club Graduates.  The outcome was as surprising as it was humbling
Friendships begin with Common Interests.  Two of them come to mind here
Student #1 (won the match, too.) finds his weapon empty with magazine out.  Here he Loads his magazine, racks a round into battery while moving to cover.  Safety is the byword throughout these Matches.  In fact, Safety is our motto at all times at La Garita Pistol Range, no foolin’.   
During the “Magazine out of Pistolstage, the contestant stood facing away from the range.  The rest of us would rearrange his pistol and magazine.  Then we moved targets around in such a way that he had no idea what was waiting for him.  
Vernon sliding a magazine home as he advances towards a “situation.”  Notice this process has no bearing on his awareness.  He’s analyzing a tactical situation, manipulating his pistol is second nature to him now.  He finished third, this student of mine.
Jose, generally the fastest and best hitting shooter, finished 2nd.  The spread was narrow between the four of us.  Scoring hits divided by time, there are no trophy’s or special awards.  If you win and you haven’t exposed yourself to enemy fire or killed a hostage, you have a right to feel good about yourself  for about an hour.  The rest of us will be practicing…
 This is me finishing 4th.  Sounds so much better than “last.” It’s a twisted ego that’s proud to be beaten by his students.  They beat me fair and square… even if they did tape my magazine to another barrel for the “unloaded gun” scenario.  I’m really looking forward to more meets like this.   
Next Pistol Match, 
Sunday 27 January 2013
I just gotta get this off my Chest.  Old friends and new friends ask me if I’d mind “showing them a few things” at the range.  Normally, I‘m happy to share information, often when it’s not even asked for.  After all, I’m opinionated as hell.  
Problem with “showing a few things” is that’s what they get, a few things.  Defensive Pistolcraft is the study of a lifestyle, not the dynamics of pressing a trigger.  
It begins with Firearm safety.  Not the kind of disclamer you get with a new kitchen appliance.  No, I do my best to thumb tack a certain Karmic responsibility right to your forehead.  This ain’t no disco….
I spend a lot of time with mental set.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s because you haven’t paid to know and it’s not included in “showing you a few things” because no one wants to be preached at unless they’re serious enough to pay, no offense, really, that’s just the way we think.   So when someone askes to see a few things it’s like saying, “I already know all that, just show me how to aim.”
My course includes Situational Awareness.  I spend a lot of time with that subject, too.  It permeates the whole training program, again, it’s a lifestyle, not something stuffed in the closet with CPR and fall styles.  
Then there is the actual handling of the gun.  When you’re done with the course, you’ll be good with it.  If you come to the range after graduation and make a sport of it, I’ll make you great.  
So my friends, please don’t take offense when I shine you on.  I just don’t want to be responsible for showing you a few things that will get you or someone else killed because your ego or pocket book can‘t handle the process of learning right.  Paul  
 Gigantic Congratulations to a 
These were John’s first 6 rounds.  He was already an experienced shooter, this was just a different discipline for him.  Combat shooting is to target shooting what driving to the store is to racing at Le Mans; it takes some unlearning.  John did splendidly. 
 John has the same virtues most of my students have, they seriously want to learn and are willing to make mistakes in front of people.  When he made a mistake, he said, “Dang!” and I knew he was punishing and teaching himself better than I could.  There’s a lot of information to assimilate in a couple days.  It has to be that way or the process breaks down.  These are the first steps towards being a Pistolaro.
It’s Christmas Time
Don’t you think you’re Sweetie 
wants to learn?  
Diamonds may be a Goils Best Friend
But a Glock in a Sock 
Will make her Rock!
Christmas Special until 2013 


Just bring passport or cedula.  Price includes Glock Rental and Range fees for 2 days and 150 rounds of 9mm ammo.   Call for Class availability and dates.   8898-9398 or 2446-0543
(Another Christmas idea: Don’t be the last one on your block
Who ain’t got a Glock)