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Long Time No Post
Forgive us, I’ve been busy on other projects.
Don’t forget, this month, November 25th is a PISTOL MATCH
We’re going to do some serious target shooting.  We’ll use the old range and keep score.  Winners and near winners will be listed appropriately.
We’ll use the old range and see what kind of shots we are.  Plan to be there!
We’ll have the new Series 4 Glocks in 380, 9mm and .45 cal. You’d be a fool not to try one.  The .45 especially.  Small, compact, powerful…
We have Classes in  Defensive Pistolcraft on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please call for reservations
Remember, it’s okay to shoot a Turkey For Thanksgiving if you plan to eat it.  Just make sure you check what’s behind it and that it looks like this:    

Not This….

Which sometimes run past our targets.  

Have a happy Thanksgiving!   

Friends, we’ve decided to keep our Pistol Club Meetings to One Sunday a Month… the Last Sunday of the month.  Please mark it down.
The good part is I’m hoping to get even more people to attend on that one day.  As we have begun to do, we’ll keep score and evaluate scores and publish the results here in the blog.
The next Match will be one of Sharp Shooting using the old range.  Let’s see how good a shot you really are!  
Defensive Pistol Classes available this week Wednesday Thursday and Friday, so get your name in! 8898-9398
Remember, no meeting this Sunday  
Just an advance warning:  Santa may be a moving target but he’s a No-Shoot.  (How you going to get that new Glock if you whack Santa, right?) 
La Garita Pistol Club
Enjoy your month!