Teaching people to Defend Themselves is rewarding.  I meet interesting, cool people all the time and am continually reminded that, an Armed Society is a Polite Society.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting two of these citizens. Mike and Heather are friends, live next door to each other and have a coffee plantation.  Mike had shot rifle matches back in the states and wanted to learn Defensive Pistolcraft.  
These are the first rounds out of Mikes gun.  Really.  Seven meters with a Glock 19

I‘ve been taking fewer pictures lately because I‘m shooting with my students.  These two shot very well, used cover correctly and towards the end of the day, had speed going for them with almost no loss of accuracy.  They were averaging 2.5 seconds from holstered to a round in the boiler room at 7 to 10 meters.  Really!

These were Heather’s last five rounds.  What, can’t find the fifth one?  It’s in one of the other holes! 

Were they familliar with their Glocks when it was over?  Yes.  Do they need to polish over some rough spots, Yes, that’s why we make a Fun Sport of Shooting, to improve our game.  Would they survive a real test?  Yes, I believe they’d do fine.  Shooting holes in paper is one thing, being mentally prepared and aware of our surroundings is what gives us our advantage.  They shined in that department.


 Congratulations Heather and Mike!
And welcome to La Garita Pistol Club


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