30 Sept, 2012
Match Day
No Photos, No Match just
  Shooting with my friend Jose… experimenting with different scenarios, exchanging accuracy for time and time for accuracy.  We set up targets at different ranges and invented good and bad guys.  Sort of like being kids again.
Speaking of kids.  El Nacion came out with a story about children learning to shoot at Costa Rican ranges.  I have a hard time believing that.  No one under 18 has ever been allowed at La Garita Pistol Range.  I’ve seen fathers turned away with their sons because of that law. In fact, I can’t imagine a range owner risking their investment to allow illegal practice of any kind on their range.  Sometimes you have to take the news with a grain of salt.
Don’t forget, we have a Practice Day this Sunday
If you’ve always wanted to try a Glock.

Firearms Dealers,
 NRA Gun Care Systems  A Mil.comm Products Company have new prices for you.  New prices your customers will love, too.
We’re the only authorized distributor in Costa Rica.  If you’re getting it somewhere else, you’re paying too much.

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