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Teaching people to Defend Themselves is rewarding.  I meet interesting, cool people all the time and am continually reminded that, an Armed Society is a Polite Society.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting two of these citizens. Mike and Heather are friends, live next door to each other and have a coffee plantation.  Mike had shot rifle matches back in the states and wanted to learn Defensive Pistolcraft.  
These are the first rounds out of Mikes gun.  Really.  Seven meters with a Glock 19

I‘ve been taking fewer pictures lately because I‘m shooting with my students.  These two shot very well, used cover correctly and towards the end of the day, had speed going for them with almost no loss of accuracy.  They were averaging 2.5 seconds from holstered to a round in the boiler room at 7 to 10 meters.  Really!

These were Heather’s last five rounds.  What, can’t find the fifth one?  It’s in one of the other holes! 

Were they familliar with their Glocks when it was over?  Yes.  Do they need to polish over some rough spots, Yes, that’s why we make a Fun Sport of Shooting, to improve our game.  Would they survive a real test?  Yes, I believe they’d do fine.  Shooting holes in paper is one thing, being mentally prepared and aware of our surroundings is what gives us our advantage.  They shined in that department.


 Congratulations Heather and Mike!
And welcome to La Garita Pistol Club


Here’s Larry’s brother Larry, slithering in for cover.
This is a late report for our Practice Session this month where Jose and Vernon and I shot till we were blue.  Then there was a wedding to go to,
a cold to endure, and stuff to do at home.
With only three of us, it’s silly to take the same old pictures…  So here’s a picture
of Ned, lashed to a post.  He lost his head over the product to your left, Mil-Comm Products and NRA Gun Care System lubricants that, while a hair more expensive to buy, costs less in the long run because it only takes a little to protect your weaponNed liked it so much he decided to join the Army when he heard they use Mil-Comm. Products.  But, alas, how can you join the Army if you got no Arms?  
Maybe the most Rewarding thing this month has been the GRADUATION OF TWO great friends.

Astasia and Denise, like Thelma and Luise, decided they wanted to learn to shoot. 
They traveled a  long way and spent two nights in a hotel near La Garita Pistol Club.  These women were motivated, brought their own legal guns and a pile of ammo.  They switched back and forth and over the next two days, became quite proficient with their 1911 in 9mm and Smith 357 revolver.  They shot my Smith M&P .45 and “J” Frame PD 38 Special.  They asked intelligent questions and didn’t shy away from uncomfortable answers.  They really wanted to know…  I taught ‘em.  When it was over, we parted good friends.  
They learned to move from cover to cover, reload and get good hits
There’s no way to hide the thrill of success.  After Classroom, we work on Form, then Groups, Speed and Accuracy comes naturally.
Just two days from never shooting a gun.  Astasia here handles muzzle blast and recoil while using cover and getting hits with a major caliber..  This is what happens if you make it safe and fun. 
This woman knows she’ll shoot if she has to.  She knows how to use her gun, and will see trouble coming through the door before anyone else in the room…. and will act.  I believe right now she’s thinking about her next gun and can’t wait to go shooting again.     
At the risk of repeating myself, I believe these women would agree that, “Happiness is a Warm Gun (mama)”
 Now hear this:  There’s a New range in Manual Antonio.  The owner is a great guy by the name of Bill Gannon.  His Telephone number is
 2777-1382  Bill’s Spanish is excellent.  Give him a call and together, we’ll put a class together for you.  I can be reached at 8898-9398.  Thanks, Paul
We had a visit from the Knights Motorcycle Club last week.  It was fun talking guns and shooting with them. It’s funny how guys like this will openly discuss how to improve their shooting and deal with tactical situationsYet there are men in their homes tonight with guns and tender egos; and can’t bring themselves to ask for advice.  What’s up with that? 
Enrique is a master teacher.  He has a lifetime of experience in training and reading people.   
All and all a good bunch of guys
Don’t Forget

30 Sept, 2012
Match Day
No Photos, No Match just
  Shooting with my friend Jose… experimenting with different scenarios, exchanging accuracy for time and time for accuracy.  We set up targets at different ranges and invented good and bad guys.  Sort of like being kids again.
Speaking of kids.  El Nacion came out with a story about children learning to shoot at Costa Rican ranges.  I have a hard time believing that.  No one under 18 has ever been allowed at La Garita Pistol Range.  I’ve seen fathers turned away with their sons because of that law. In fact, I can’t imagine a range owner risking their investment to allow illegal practice of any kind on their range.  Sometimes you have to take the news with a grain of salt.
Don’t forget, we have a Practice Day this Sunday
If you’ve always wanted to try a Glock.

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