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Jim Just said “Yes,” when I asked if anyone at Kaye’s Gringo Pastries in Atenas wanted to learn to shoot. So that’s just what we did.  He’s a natural and had no bad habits to unlearn.  Students really come alive during our training.  I hate to brag, but maybe it’s the way we teach here at La Garita Pistol Club.  We do one or two students at a time and they get all our attention. 
After Class Room, we work on Form and a proper Presentation of a Pistol by the numbers.  By the second day, Muscle Memory begins to set in and groups get tighter. 
 Jim Practiced doing reloads until he had them down.  
Notice the front of the slide on the Glock we rented him.  This cutaway is a factory feature and helps control recoil while firing quickly.        
On Day two students are drawing quickly and safely.  They learn to move and use available cover while continually checking for bad guys.  They learn to tactical reload behind cover.  
Learning to move quickly from cover to cover while shooting improves confidence
Because of their training in Mental Set and Situational Awareness, our Graduates are very likely to survive an attack if it should ever happen.  In fact, with our training, they are WAY more likely to be left alone. 
  Jim did this while moving and engaging other targets.  You would have to have been there to appreciate it.
For those of you who are interested in taking our course, we are moving to Colones.  We’ll still take Dollars but the rate will be such that we end up with the stated amount of Colones at the bank
Also be advised that prices will go up from time to time as the value of money goes down.  Anyone interested in taking a Defensive Pistol Course should already understand that. 
Beginning October 1st, our price for the two day course will be 
C 140,000 this price Includes Range Fees

This does not include Glock Rental, which is still only C 10,000 a Day!  ALSO Does not include the 150 rounds (three boxes) of 9mm ammo you will need.  Best price is at “El Trabuco,” downstairs at Centro Comercial Muliplaza Escazu.  As of this date, they are still selling boxes of 50 for C10,000.
Other than the above, the only thing you’ll need is a passport or cedula and the desire to learn
  Don’t forget what Cooper said,
“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar
makes you a musician.”

A Double Header!
Last week La Garita Pistol Range
Had a Special Training for OIJ agents
by the Director of Security, Gerardo Urena, 
of the Dos Pinos Security Team
Just like real guns but they don’t work.  Used for teaching close order tactics without pointing real guns at each other
 And the next day
La Garita Pistol Club
Typical Pistol Match
My last Graduate in the foreground, hopefully my next, behind, though he shot rather well to start with.
 First, the Police
This was a special day for me.  Most of these men are still working and for that reason, don’t have full on face shots.   
The agent begins with his gun in pieces.  The white box is a timer.  When it goes off, he must assemble the gun, load his magazine and begin his course of fire
Targets taking fire
The course of fire doesn’t stop until he disassembles his pistol after shooting all the bad guys
A bad guy and… judging from the way she’s dressed, a bad girl too.
 There were about ten agents, some
 from the local police.  Some shot very well, some need practice.  Programs like this are extremely helpful in bringing them all up to the same level.  
Joel and Ivan with their rented Glocks, shot very well. 
 Of course this was to be our Pistol Match, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know sometimes I shoot alone.
Joel, Ivan and I began shooting at targets.  Then I introduced the Orange Ball my sister gave me for my birthday last June.  Sorry, no pictures, but we started shooting the ball, then a can that happened to be sitting there.  Then the ball on the can and empty ammo boxes on the posts of the targets.  All three of us were better shots by the end of the day.  You would be, too, if you came the first and last Sunday of the month.  We still have Glocks for rent, $20 a day.
 The Ball Lives!! come have a Ball…
Ivan with a gun and a peace sign.  Why not, peace is what we’re after.
Head shot Joel, he kept tight groups all through his training.  Proof of my great teaching ability.  
 Give us a Call, we’ll make you a shooter too.