Peaceful is the day, humble is the man, and terrible the sound of his thunder
One by one, La Garita Pistol Club Graduates another person into the World of Able Pistoleros
Terry is an old hand with handguns.  He will admit, he had a lot to unlearn.  And he did.
Ours is not the only Firearms Training facility in Costa Rica, but for Civilians, we’re the best.  Students often arrive with no skills at all.  Others come with Police or Military training…but with a mindset towards mission, not defense.
Here, in La Garita, we teach Firearm Safety and Fluency in the use of a weapon, but we also concentrate on Mental Set and Situational Awareness.  When a Student leaves us after a two or three day course, they know HOW to shoot, WHEN to shoot and that they WILL shoot if the situation warrants it.  With our training, They’ll See it Coming, too. 
Another thing, I can’t tell if it’s me, but I think our students are doing better now that we’ve started using Glock Pistols.  You too, can rent a Glock for only $20 a day.  
Another Satisfied Customer.  Congratulation, Terry!
Don’t Forget
Practice day Sunday
Sept. 2nd  
Day after Tomorrow  

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