A graduate from Afar.  
In England, they won’t let you have a gun.
Joel shot the first five rounds of his life after three hours of training.  But wait, he did a lot better the next day.
 We squeezed class room and live fire into the first day.   
In fact we shot until our targets were wet with rain and we were almost out of ammo.  On the second day we worked out scenarios to bring speed and accuracy together with the use of cover and in consideration of different threats.  Joel is an excellent student. No one learns as fast as he does without enormous enthusiasm. 
Smooth and rapid magazine changes…
Whilst relaxing, Joel noticed a Crock-a-Gater leaping over the backstop.  24 meters away, he nailed it with every round he fired.  Yes, he’s smiling, he’s an Englishman in a Candy Store.
Joel was mighty pleased with his rented Glock.  We took it apart and cleaned it using our NRA Gun Care System, available at La Garita Shooting Range any time you’re in the mood to use the very best.  

Don’t forget, Pistol Practice next Sunday!

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