Another Graduate
This time the wife of a friend.  She shined like a polished silver dollar.  It was the first time she’d had a gun in her hand and the first time she’d fired one. 
This is Kathryn’s second 6 rounds.  The first 6 taught her most of what she needed to know.
She burned through two boxes of ammo in two days.  On day three, AM Costa Rica came to take pictures.  We wore our Sunday best and Kathryn burned two more boxes before noon.  I didn’t get pictures of her last shots but AM Costa Rica did!  Look for the Story!
 AM Costa Rica Staff.  left to right, Kayla, Cynthia and Aaron.  They were professional, young and fun to talk to. They easily switched roles with camera and questions so that everyone got a “take” on the story.
After Kathryn’s course, Kayla, Cynthia and Aaron got to shoot a 9mm Glock.  The last thing we did was one more course of fire for Kathryn.  Just when she thought she was done! 
She’s is one of those students who can actually take instruction under fire.  Her form was perfect…her accuracy was almost “too” good but she lacked speed.  So I hounded her… “faster, faster, faster!”  She got it down to about 2 1/2 seconds… from holstered to a round in an 8inch circle at seven meters.  Not bad for someone who just started three days ago!  
Enrique was there, making suggestions and critiquing in his own quiet way.  It’s funny how people from all walks of life can bond at a pistol range.  You should try it…
 Aaron, Enrique, a relieved and proud Kathryn.  Kayla and Cynthia finished after a long day.


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