Lots to Ketchup for Today,
Not in any particular order, the first piece of business is a  
New Graduate 
Margaret is a professional woman living in Costa Rica for 29 years.  She just called one day and signed up for my course.
She said she might be going back after all these years and would feel better with defensive pistol skills.  We enjoyed each others company as the course progressed and her shooting improved dramatically too.
She seemed to like my Smith, but she was sentimentally attached to her father’s revolver.  She shot them both and did quite well with them both.  I think she’ll go on a shopping spree when she gets home.
If you think she looks a bit like Calamity Jane, keep it to yourself.  She’s made of the same frontier stock and might not take kindly to the implications.
I get a lot of mail concerning the importation of personal firearms and other legal questions.  Here are some basic guides to go by…
It never pays to import a gun.  By the time you pay legal fees, satisfy all requirements and cough up the taxes, it’s far cheaper and faster to buy your gun here in Costa Rica.
The laws in Costa Rica are becoming more stringent.  Gun stores and range owners are doing their best to fight new laws but in the end, we must obey them, whatever they are.
A firearms purchaser must have permanent residency to apply for a permit to buy, carry or own a firearm.  
If they have a corporation with a Costa Rican President, the corporation may own the gun.  An owner may also appoint a citizen a power of attorney to own a gun under the corporation.  This gets the gun in the door but does not allow anyone to carry it.  Whoever is responsible for the gun must pass the Firearms Course provided by the government.  We can prepare a person to pass the test in Spanish or in English…. and of course, we can teach them to shoot, always a good idea.  I mean, would you buy a car without knowing how to drive? 

Having said the above, I want to make it clear that I am not an attorney and take no responsibility for different interpretations of the laws in Costa Rica.

Enrique Rodriguez is an attorney though…
He owns the range we shoot at.
He knows Firearm law.
He’s a Straight Shooter.
He speaks English
You are not off your feed or miss a beat
 We did not have a meet on the last Sunday of July
Or the first Sunday of August.
Have a Match (such as they are), on the last Sunday of this month and the first Sunday of September.  Be there or be Square!

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