Another Graduate! 
When Tammy Turned 19, her mother asked what she wanted for her Birthday.  
“I wanna learn to Shoot,” she replied.
 So her mom brought her to me and I taught her to shoot.
These are the first live rounds she’d ever fired.  In fact, this was the first time she’d ever had a gun in her hand.  Check out the smile… it was like that for the whole course.
Because of scheduling, we fit the 3 day course into 2 days.  Tammy was attentive, interested, curious and learned fast.  We had classroom and live fire till noon, and before it was over the next day, she’d burned up 150 rounds of ammo.
She learned to draw, reload while using cover and engage multiple targets while “escaping” or attacking.  I believe this young woman may someday surprise a bad guy with bad intentions. 
She handled recoil like a pro and can shoot six rounds quickly while advancing or retreating and get them all in the boiler room.
I began to use the stop watch on the last day, and shot with her for pressure and competition.  I needn’t have bothered, she never flinched.  She did fret over some misses but applied her training and just kept getting better.      

The difference between this target full of holes and the first target full of holes, is these were made while moving purposefully forward and while continuously firing the 6 six rounds in her gun.  She missed one, so what?  She plans to practice a lot, I think she’s hooked. 

Happy Birthday Tammy!

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