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Yet another Graduate
Yes, it’s Larry again.  This time sporting a German mechanized armor motif so popular  with those Panzer Divisions of yesteryear.  Notice the spent brass at his feet.
Sometimes invisible forces play tricks on us. When is a man in a hood…ever completely understood?
I happen to know this man and some of his family.  He has a good heart and sides with the law.  As with police in the states and all the countries between, masks have become important to keep the good people safe, too. 
Dear me, here’s a man in a mask who we’ve been shooting all day… just look at him.  How to know the difference?  Training and situational awareness is the answer.  One should be so good with his gun that he has time to think about what’s going on around him.   

With everyone running around in masks, aren’t there some who don’t want to be known as “Pistolaros?”
…which brings us back to Larry.

Suppose Larry doesn’t want his neighbors to know he has a gun.  Suppose he doesn’t want his face plastered all over this blog? 

Ta Da! La Garita Pistol Club Presents…
The Brown Paper Bag Special

No Pictures of your Training.  Just a bit of dialog without names and more pictures of Larry
(A student is required to have a legal gun for us to record the numbers, and a current Passport, Residency Card or Cedula.  If you don’t have a gun, we can provide you one for $20 a day.)   
Seriously, we understand and approve of not making a big deal out of owning a gun.  It’s nobody’s business but your own.

La Garita Pistol Club Pistol Match
This was a day of Family Fun

My sister and her husband came for my birthday and brought me presents.  One of the presents was a ball designed for shooting at.  Along with us was the woman of my dreams, Gaby Furlong, otherwise known of as “wife.”
 Pictures Abound
My Brother in Law, Lanny.  Viet Nam Vet, Decorated police officer and survivor of three deadly firefights during the course of duty in Florida. He makes a good salad and keeps my sister happy.
I’m not sure if you can see the orange ball in front of us, but it’s in the air now.  Lanny and I shot hell out of it.
My Sister, Kim, also an ex police officer.  Don’t want to mess with my sister!
…and me, going back to my Smith M&P.  Fun to shoot!
My personal Star of the Show, Gaby Furlong shot well, indeed.
She was devastated by the two lower left hits.  Everything else was in the boiler room.
Bottom UP.  Orange Ball, Wife, Sister, Lanny
The real Hero of the Match.  This ball was made for Shooting
Next Practice
Next Sunday, July 1st
Be there, we miss you!

Belated Practical Pistol Practice Report
As many of you know, nothing goes like clockwork at our meetings.  Clockwork just happens.  Take last Sunday for instance.  Not a soul belonging to the club showed up except for Enrique and I.  
I arrived early and was rewarded by the gurgling brook, the singing birds, and the absolute abscence of any other sound.  
It rained heavily the day before and the steam lifting off the banks had me humming to myself.  What’s that tune?
My Star PD is now back in my possession.  I lovingly cleaned and lubricated it the night before.  The last time I used it, there were two failures to feed. Fast Eddie found the problem while we sat in his kitchen Saturday night.  The recoil spring guide had unscrewed and was not allowing the slide to chamber a round reliably.  I couldn’t wait to shoot this old friend, my Star PD .45.
I broke the silence with some basic accuracy rounds from seven meters to about twelve.  People who feel they need to shoot fifty meters are often not clear on what a defensive weapon is for.  I put almost a hundred rounds through her and came to the conclusion that the Beatles were right, “Happiness is a Warm Gun.”
I was about to go home when Enrique and don Alfredo from Cartuchos Costarricenses S.A. arrived.  He brought new guns and an entourage people anxious to try them.  Even Jose, Enrique’s son was there to try these new weapons.
Note deep cutout for a high grip.  This puts the shooting hand closer to the barrel, making a more natural feel when aiming and better recoil control.  Note, too, the rear sight is just forward of the breach.  This seems bas-akwards, but I found it easier to keep the sights lined up.
 There were different sizes of this pistol.  It looks like they took a good look at Glock and did their best to make it better.  Then there was this great 9mm Carbine… 
This gun was fun to shoot and is semi auto, legal to own and shoot. 
An accessory sight for the Carbine.  Even with a half blind right eye, I got tight groups.
Don Alfredo with his new toy.
These become social affairs, and the friends you make are somehow closer than someone you may have gone to school with.  Common interest is what pulls it all together.  
Everyone shot everything there was to shoot.  Fun, no?