Some Catchup is due here
First there is the Practice last Sunday of which I’ve written nothing at all.  There is a reason.  We did almost nothing.  
Enrique, Fast Eddie and I shot more bull than targets and left early.  Such is the nature of our sport, personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Shooting is fun, not a chore.  If you couldn’t come this time, maybe the Pistol Match, Sunday, the 27th of May will be better for you.  

Then Ian came on Wednesday, a new student from Canada
He shot well from the beginning, not something you’d expect from a country with a no-gun policy.  But shoot he did.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do with him for the whole three days.  It’s become a policy of mine to have a graduate student join us on the last day.  I called a couple people and hoped one of them would show.  Scott came, one of my first students in Costa Rica.  We designed our own course of fire.
First we shot the bad guys who kept attacking all day. Then we drove around awhile.  They attacked us there, too.  
We drove, we listened to the radio and chatted with the imaginary blow up Barbi on the seat next to us.  And still they attacked us.
Later, we went to a disco and had some close up work to do… 
In the end, we had a great day and shot well.  It may look as if we’re having too much fun here.  It may look like we just want to shoot bad guys.  Truth is, we’d all be happy to just feel safe on the street and in our homes.  Call it a side benefit that we enjoy each others company and have fun, too.    

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