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Pistol Match
May 27, 2012
Practice days turn out to be matches.  Matches end up as learning days…  It’s all taken in stride here at La Garita Pistol Club.  
Our regular friends, Walter, Eddie and Luis showed up to continue their long standing practice of being in shape.
These gentlemen make the scenario as real as possible.  After push-ups and attendant heart rate increase, shooting under pressure feels more like the real thing.
When we began the warm ups I realized this was going to be one of those days that I didn’t shoot well.  But you can’t let that let you down.  It makes up for those days you can’t miss.  Training and practice make you good all the time.  I’ve been lazy.  
Walter is a Body Guard. These guys are always together, a team. They included me in their practice as usual, and I always learn.  As you can see in the picture above, Walter has stepped around and pushed Eddie behind him.  
Here, the principal is on the left.  Luis politely but forcefully pushes the man on the right aside, and steps around to defend the principal.  These men train (dry fire) at least a half hour a day, every day.  
Those of you who don’t come to shoot once and awhile are in danger of getting rusty.  … and as we all know, rust never sleeps.
Sunday, June 3rd
8:00 a.m  See you there

End of May 2012 Celebration!
Two New Women Graduates!
In Spanish
& With
Pura Vida!
       Day 1: Classroom with both Don Enrique & I in Spanish
 I got a call from a gentleman in the states who said his wife, Shirley, wanted to take our training here in Costa Rica.  She’s a Tica and came to Alajuela from her farm in Guanacaste just for the course.. I was impressed.  She brought her friend, Carolina, and thus began a formal class with two serious women who wanted to learn.  
We began with basics and took little steps.  Shirley Shooting.
Soon they were shooting doubles, hitting their targets and becoming confident. 
 They seemed to have an unspoken competition between them.  We kept adding things for them to do, use of cover, tactics and decision making under stress. They took it all in stride.  
We took breaks, which became informal classroom and the exchange of ideas flowed freely.  On the last day, Enrique and I shot a bit with them.  
We created a bus stop with bad guys.  By now the ladies were drawing from their holsters, changing magazines from behind cover and taking out targets in the order of threat..
Each of the three days was hot.  We ran and moved and even had to chase cows off the range in the sun.  No one showed the slightest bit of discomfort.  It was clear that Shirley and Carolina had found a new sport and would be back as often as they could.  After all, they were now members of “La Garita Pistol Club.”
Enrique’s Angles!
 Don’t Forget
Pistol Match for Club Members
May 27th at 8:00 a.m.

Also, Don’t forget
You can take your Concealed Carry Permit tests here at the range.  Call Enrique at 
For Questions about our Defensive Pistolcraft Course
Call me, Paul Furlong, at
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Some Catchup is due here
First there is the Practice last Sunday of which I’ve written nothing at all.  There is a reason.  We did almost nothing.  
Enrique, Fast Eddie and I shot more bull than targets and left early.  Such is the nature of our sport, personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Shooting is fun, not a chore.  If you couldn’t come this time, maybe the Pistol Match, Sunday, the 27th of May will be better for you.  

Then Ian came on Wednesday, a new student from Canada
He shot well from the beginning, not something you’d expect from a country with a no-gun policy.  But shoot he did.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do with him for the whole three days.  It’s become a policy of mine to have a graduate student join us on the last day.  I called a couple people and hoped one of them would show.  Scott came, one of my first students in Costa Rica.  We designed our own course of fire.
First we shot the bad guys who kept attacking all day. Then we drove around awhile.  They attacked us there, too.  
We drove, we listened to the radio and chatted with the imaginary blow up Barbi on the seat next to us.  And still they attacked us.
Later, we went to a disco and had some close up work to do… 
In the end, we had a great day and shot well.  It may look as if we’re having too much fun here.  It may look like we just want to shoot bad guys.  Truth is, we’d all be happy to just feel safe on the street and in our homes.  Call it a side benefit that we enjoy each others company and have fun, too.