Pistol Match La Garita
April 2012
Larry left his Gun in the Glove Compartment.  Don’t be like Larry.
Larry made it but he was lucky to be in good company.  Camouflage only works when someone is not watching you.   
The last Sunday of the month is a pistol match.  Fashionably late, we began at 9:00 a.m.  It’s always interesting to see who shows up.  One must  be dedicated to give up two Sundays a month and afford the $20 to shoot.  Today Enrique suggested we incorporate the new steel silhouette targets. 
I suggested we shoot some “El Presidentes.”  So we did.  This is a classic course of fire, supposedly originated in Mexico.  A shooter stands with his back to three targets.  Upon a signal, he turns, draws and fires two rounds in each silhouette, reloads and puts two more rounds in each of the three targets again.  
It was mostly Jose, Michael and I.  Jose had best times at about 8 seconds.  Michael and I were around 13 and 14 seconds.  It was so much fun we just kept repeating it until Jose got slower with better hits and Michael and I got faster with better hits.  Sometimes that’s how life is.
There was another gentleman, Rodger, from Texas.  He’s one of the old school West Texas folk, and had some interesting points of view and did some righteous shooting for us.  I lost your card Rodger, please get in touch.
  We took a lot of video this time but I don’t know how to stuff it into this blog, so stay tuned.  
Recoil is very controllable in a modern weapon
A man at his leisure    
 We were done by 11:30 but BS’d for another hour.  At some point I pulled a coin out of my pocket and flipped it.  Jose called tails.  Michael called heads and won.  I flipped it again and called heads.  Michael won with tails.  Thus another grand test of skill and daring was completed at La Garita Pistol Club.
Overall winner and most improved champion for a day:  Michael
Second and lightning fast shooter of the day:  Jose
Third and proud to be alive, Paul, that’s me.  You’d be a fool not to join us one day…  


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