Vernen called last week and said he’d like to take our course in Defensive Pistolcraft.  
We made a date and met at McDonald’s in Escazu.  I followed him to a great bed and breakfast and we did our classroom right there in the empty restaurant.

Vernen shot well on our first day on the range.  He’d done trap shooting as a younger man and had a good eye.  Since he’d not had experience with pistols, he had no bad habits to break and by the end of the day, with is rented* Glock, we were taking on multiple targets and getting good groups.  

  On day three, Vernen’s groups gradually grew tighter and his form and speed came up naturally.

So, welcome to our club of Graduates, Vernen!  May your groups get tighter, your speed increase enough to win a match and may the good Lord make it so you never need to shoot anything more than paper. 

* La Garita proudly rents Glock Pistols to discriminating shooters.


Don’t forget…  Pistol Match 
Tomorrow Sunday April 29
at 8:00 a.m.
If the gate is locked, not just latched, Please call 8898-9398  I’ll be there in two minutes to let you in.  

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