Another Graduate
La Garita Pistol Club
Defensive Pistol Course
Einy called one day before Semana Santa.  We made a date for this week and began our three day course on Wednesday.  He never fired a gun before but went through the paperwork and showed up with a new series 4 Glock.  
Day one was our normal class lecture, but we held it at the range.  This allowed us to progress from classroom to shooting in a smooth natural way.  It costs $20 more to use the range but the benefits are manifold; we teach, shoot and have two instructors working together to get a new shooter up and hitting quickly.  Einy shot well from the start.  He had no bad habits to break and he wanted to learn. 
Day two brought more practice, more muscle memory, more information… while always staying focused on the civilian tactic of home and self defense.  We shot doubles, added a target and practiced drawing.  We worked on Trigger control and Sight Picture and Einy’s groups got tighter.  
We took a break in the afternoon and went to some gun stores in San Jose.
I called Michael, one  of our graduates and suggested he join us for day three.  
Day Three was fun.  The three of us shot against the clock and against each other.  Enrique was there and made suggestions and set up courses of fire to help us work out our problems. At times we just sat in the shade and talked about guns.  The camaraderie came as it usually does, between people learning and teaching each other.    

Enrique and I are proud to have another graduate and another member of La Garita Pistol Club.  Join us when you can.


PS Don’t forget we have a pistol match for club members on Sunday, April 29th at 8:00 a.m. 
More PS  Normal range rates are $10 per hour.
Club members pay $20 per day, on Meeting days, (First and last Sunday each month), and only $10 a day for week days, with advanced notice.  
Club members may pay six months in advance and receive a 10% discount for the two club meeting days,  and a 15% discount for a year.
Any students or graduates of don Enrique’s or mine are automatically club members.  If you’ve got questions about this, please check with me.  If you’ve already been shooting with us, you’re a member, too.  Keep it fun, Paul

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