The U.S., Costa Rica, Russia, Canada, Germany, UK, South Korea, Mexico, Ukraine and Argentina… are all hitting on our site…in the above order. 
Maybe we’ve hit on something ourselves!  Just speaking for my wife and I, Thank you!  
 It occurs to me that as we enter our “Green Season,” some of these countries are still under snow or oppressive heat.  Our tourist season is just winding down and refreshing rains come at 2:00 p.m. each day.  Why not take advantage of off season fares and come to Costa Rica?
During the month of April, our Quality Instruction* SPECIAL is till running, $295 for a three day course.  This includes gun rental, 100 rounds of ammo and all range fees paid.   Extra discounts available for couples and groups.
We teach Civilians by making them safe, knowledgeable, and able to defend themselves with a firearm.  This is a complete package, including Mental Set and Situational Awareness which allows a graduate to be relaxed and confident without looking like Pancho Villa.  We teach in both Spanish and English.

We also offer individual instruction for passing your Concealed Carry Permit exam and can arrange for you to take it at the same range you learn at in La Garita.   

We can arrange motorcycle tours, ( to volcanoes, beaches and mountainous rides you’ll never forget. 

So think outside the box and come to Costa Rica to get your teeth fixed, visit the crocks and see an active volcano… while you’re at it, learn to shoot!  Paul
Call Toll Free   866-837-1477
Inside Costa Rica, 8898-9398
Costa Rica office, 2446-0543

*”Quality Instruction” is more than a piece of paper saying we’re qualified.  We are qualified.  But it’s the genuine desire to teach, by Enrique Rodriguez and I, with over 80 years combined experience, that makes it “Quality Instruction.” 


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