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Pistol Match La Garita
April 2012
Larry left his Gun in the Glove Compartment.  Don’t be like Larry.
Larry made it but he was lucky to be in good company.  Camouflage only works when someone is not watching you.   
The last Sunday of the month is a pistol match.  Fashionably late, we began at 9:00 a.m.  It’s always interesting to see who shows up.  One must  be dedicated to give up two Sundays a month and afford the $20 to shoot.  Today Enrique suggested we incorporate the new steel silhouette targets. 
I suggested we shoot some “El Presidentes.”  So we did.  This is a classic course of fire, supposedly originated in Mexico.  A shooter stands with his back to three targets.  Upon a signal, he turns, draws and fires two rounds in each silhouette, reloads and puts two more rounds in each of the three targets again.  
It was mostly Jose, Michael and I.  Jose had best times at about 8 seconds.  Michael and I were around 13 and 14 seconds.  It was so much fun we just kept repeating it until Jose got slower with better hits and Michael and I got faster with better hits.  Sometimes that’s how life is.
There was another gentleman, Rodger, from Texas.  He’s one of the old school West Texas folk, and had some interesting points of view and did some righteous shooting for us.  I lost your card Rodger, please get in touch.
  We took a lot of video this time but I don’t know how to stuff it into this blog, so stay tuned.  
Recoil is very controllable in a modern weapon
A man at his leisure    
 We were done by 11:30 but BS’d for another hour.  At some point I pulled a coin out of my pocket and flipped it.  Jose called tails.  Michael called heads and won.  I flipped it again and called heads.  Michael won with tails.  Thus another grand test of skill and daring was completed at La Garita Pistol Club.
Overall winner and most improved champion for a day:  Michael
Second and lightning fast shooter of the day:  Jose
Third and proud to be alive, Paul, that’s me.  You’d be a fool not to join us one day…  

Vernen called last week and said he’d like to take our course in Defensive Pistolcraft.  
We made a date and met at McDonald’s in Escazu.  I followed him to a great bed and breakfast and we did our classroom right there in the empty restaurant.

Vernen shot well on our first day on the range.  He’d done trap shooting as a younger man and had a good eye.  Since he’d not had experience with pistols, he had no bad habits to break and by the end of the day, with is rented* Glock, we were taking on multiple targets and getting good groups.  

  On day three, Vernen’s groups gradually grew tighter and his form and speed came up naturally.

So, welcome to our club of Graduates, Vernen!  May your groups get tighter, your speed increase enough to win a match and may the good Lord make it so you never need to shoot anything more than paper. 

* La Garita proudly rents Glock Pistols to discriminating shooters.


Don’t forget…  Pistol Match 
Tomorrow Sunday April 29
at 8:00 a.m.
If the gate is locked, not just latched, Please call 8898-9398  I’ll be there in two minutes to let you in.  

Another Graduate
La Garita Pistol Club
Defensive Pistol Course
Einy called one day before Semana Santa.  We made a date for this week and began our three day course on Wednesday.  He never fired a gun before but went through the paperwork and showed up with a new series 4 Glock.  
Day one was our normal class lecture, but we held it at the range.  This allowed us to progress from classroom to shooting in a smooth natural way.  It costs $20 more to use the range but the benefits are manifold; we teach, shoot and have two instructors working together to get a new shooter up and hitting quickly.  Einy shot well from the start.  He had no bad habits to break and he wanted to learn. 
Day two brought more practice, more muscle memory, more information… while always staying focused on the civilian tactic of home and self defense.  We shot doubles, added a target and practiced drawing.  We worked on Trigger control and Sight Picture and Einy’s groups got tighter.  
We took a break in the afternoon and went to some gun stores in San Jose.
I called Michael, one  of our graduates and suggested he join us for day three.  
Day Three was fun.  The three of us shot against the clock and against each other.  Enrique was there and made suggestions and set up courses of fire to help us work out our problems. At times we just sat in the shade and talked about guns.  The camaraderie came as it usually does, between people learning and teaching each other.    

Enrique and I are proud to have another graduate and another member of La Garita Pistol Club.  Join us when you can.


PS Don’t forget we have a pistol match for club members on Sunday, April 29th at 8:00 a.m. 
More PS  Normal range rates are $10 per hour.
Club members pay $20 per day, on Meeting days, (First and last Sunday each month), and only $10 a day for week days, with advanced notice.  
Club members may pay six months in advance and receive a 10% discount for the two club meeting days,  and a 15% discount for a year.
Any students or graduates of don Enrique’s or mine are automatically club members.  If you’ve got questions about this, please check with me.  If you’ve already been shooting with us, you’re a member, too.  Keep it fun, Paul

The U.S., Costa Rica, Russia, Canada, Germany, UK, South Korea, Mexico, Ukraine and Argentina… are all hitting on our site…in the above order. 
Maybe we’ve hit on something ourselves!  Just speaking for my wife and I, Thank you!  
 It occurs to me that as we enter our “Green Season,” some of these countries are still under snow or oppressive heat.  Our tourist season is just winding down and refreshing rains come at 2:00 p.m. each day.  Why not take advantage of off season fares and come to Costa Rica?
During the month of April, our Quality Instruction* SPECIAL is till running, $295 for a three day course.  This includes gun rental, 100 rounds of ammo and all range fees paid.   Extra discounts available for couples and groups.
We teach Civilians by making them safe, knowledgeable, and able to defend themselves with a firearm.  This is a complete package, including Mental Set and Situational Awareness which allows a graduate to be relaxed and confident without looking like Pancho Villa.  We teach in both Spanish and English.

We also offer individual instruction for passing your Concealed Carry Permit exam and can arrange for you to take it at the same range you learn at in La Garita.   

We can arrange motorcycle tours, ( to volcanoes, beaches and mountainous rides you’ll never forget. 

So think outside the box and come to Costa Rica to get your teeth fixed, visit the crocks and see an active volcano… while you’re at it, learn to shoot!  Paul
Call Toll Free   866-837-1477
Inside Costa Rica, 8898-9398
Costa Rica office, 2446-0543

*”Quality Instruction” is more than a piece of paper saying we’re qualified.  We are qualified.  But it’s the genuine desire to teach, by Enrique Rodriguez and I, with over 80 years combined experience, that makes it “Quality Instruction.” 

They waited for us, solemn, somber, committed to their fate    

Today, April 1st, I worried no one would show.  Many of us were on vacation or down with the crud.  I rode down to the range and let myself in.  
I unpacked the bike and looked around.  Birds were singing.  The creek behind the range burbled by.  Suddenly my busy life came to rest.  I took out my camera and took some pictures of “La Garita Pistol Club.”

Babble, burble, gurgle, bird chirp…bird chirp… burble…chirp

  Soon we'd be shooting at them...
Still they waited.  Lovingly formed and painted.
Soon we’d be shooting at them.
The range is going through a metamorphis. money, time and even a dream or two are careingly being invested.  
I deciced I was going to be alone today and picked a target on the old, unimporved part of the range.  I forgot my tape so I marked my holes with a pen and began drills.  
Easy and slow, working on accuracy and developing the things one must learn to do automatically.  Each club member works on his or her game to be better.  We instructors struggle to be as good as they are.  
I shot about fifty rounds and began to pack up.  My phone rang.  A club member was at the gate with his dad.  Then Enrique arrived with his son.  Hell, I still had a few rounds left so we began to shoot.  “Dad” had been a shooter twenty years ago and felt rusty.  His first five rounds went right in the boiler room.  So much for being rusty.

Enrique’s son, Jose, is a top shooter.  He consistantly scored faster and better than the rest of us. It’s good to have someone to beat.  I’m going to have to work harder…  How about you?  Need to knock the dust off?  We’re here to join you.  

Father and Son. Father and Son Day.