Monthly Archives: March 2012

March Match
Most folks took a day off.  I arrived about 8:00 and it looked like it would be just Enrique and I.  Then Ted and his wife Linda came.  Soon another couple arrived to add a great a social aspect to it and we relaxed about the Match and just  practiced and exchanged ideas.  
It was a treat to spend a quiet day at the range.  We had a little contest towards the end.  We just kept repeating it on these three targets until it was time to go.  
Next time we’ll try to make it look like more work and less play…

La Garita Pistol Club Presents…
Pistol March coming up this Sunday, March 25
Please be there at 8:00 a.m.
If you arrive late, and the gate is locked, call me at 8898-9398  I’ll come and open it.
Some say it’s not wise to teach your wife to shoot.  But look how happy she is…
This is a shot of my wife learning to shoot.  
It’s good to know she’s got my back.  
How about you? Who’s got yours?

Don Enrique and I can teach in Spanish or English.  If you belong to the club, you may meet with us on the First and Last Sunday each month and join the fun.  Give us a call.

Great Practice Day
4 March 2012
Funny thing about plans… if  you don’t make any… results are uncertain.  I didn’t announce a club meeting for the first Sunday of the month…. and sure enough, no one showed.  At least two couples had previous engagements… a wedding in one case, which is in keeping with the laid back kind of club I’d like to belong to.  
So I’m thinking Enrique and I will do some practice and have a great day.  Next thing I know our SWAT and ex SWAT friends are there and we’re creating “scenarios.”
Forgive me for not getting many pictures… I was having fun too.  I guess the thing that strikes me most with this group, is the camaraderie between us all.  Real learning takes place.  We make mistakes and help each other correct them.  We shot until I was out of ammo and the sun was boiling us alive.  A great day…

Give Don Enrique or I a call if you want to join the fun.  This is one of those moments that we’ll look back on someday and say… “those were the days,”  Paul