Our First Pistol Match! 26 Feb 2012

We had our first Pistol Match Today!
Most of these people met for the first time here.  Soon a common interest brought about conversation and before you knew it, we were all friends.  The desire to defend themselves brought them together but the Sport of Shooting made it social.  Everyone shot well and I was proud of them… and resolved to practice more myself!
One thing stood out: these people were having fun.  Look at Laurie’s face… She was afraid of guns when we started.   That’s Don Enrique holding the timer.  He is the range owner and mentor for all of us.  
Here’s her husband, Bruce Beck, and winner of the match.  

We shot five stages and by measuring time against hits, came up with a score.  Here’s Stephanie, another new shooter, now with her Concealed Carry Permit test behind her, shooting very well…

… and this is her husband, Mike, taking second place.  

Scott Wollin shot consistently and would have finished better than I if the last stage hadn’t been thrown out… probably my fault, but no one seemed to be counting score as much as feeling good about themselves and having a genuine interest in improving.  These are heady days for all of us.
There came a point towards the end of the match, with a gust of wind, where we’d stopped all but one attacking target…

The score at the end of the day….

1- Bruce Beck 87.70%
2- Michael Karl Kruger  71.70 %
3- Paul Furlong 69.40 %
4- Scott Wollin 66.30%
5-  Laurie Beck 31.90%
6-  Stephanie Chacón 27.5 %
 If you haven’t joined, we’re just getting started, so jump in, give me a call and I’ll get you up to speed.  Next Club practice is Sunday, March 4th.  See you there, Paul

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