How to get to the Range

From Atenas, drive East through La Garita like going to the Airport.  When you arrive at the highway (where you’d take the ramp to the right if you were  flying that day) go straight over the highway bridge as if you were going to Zoo Ave or to Alajuela and Price Mart.  We are on the left, 3.6 kilometers from the overpass bridge and the Pan American Highway.  Here’s a picture of what you’ll see…. 
  It’s in the middle of a left hand bend in the road.  Notice the vet sign next door.  Enter and the guy at the gate will give you a peace sign and lift the bar for you.  You’ll drive maybe 500 meters.
….until you arrive at a gate on your right..
And there you’ll be… at Don Enrique’s Shooting Emporium and the home of La Garita Shooting Club.  If the gate is closed, it’s just to keep the cows out… don’t want to shoot a cow… right?
Please close the gate after entering and try not to park where the targets are.  Restrooms are available.
Remember…  In the beginning, we can supply eye and ear protection but you’ll want some ear plugs of your own and some cool shades to look cool in…  Speaking of cool, feel free to bring a cooler with water, soda or sandwiches. 
It’s 10,000 Colones to shoot for the day.
If you want to come and watch, it’s 2000 Colones.  
This money goes for the upkeep and improvement of the range as we grow. 
Questions: 8898-9398 
Welcome Aboard!

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