The La Garita Pistol Club
Formed 5 Feb. 2012

Just one photo taken by my daughter Andre with her cell phone, naturally of her Papi, but folks, we had our first Club Meeting Today!  We are officially called “La Garita Pistol Club,” and we had eight members including, Enrique Rodriguez, President and Instructor in attendance. 

One of the highlights of the day….three members of a San Jose SWAT Team were on  hand to offer tips and who allowed us to join them at their practice session.  They made us feel at home and I was proud of my students as they went through the various courses of fire.  

If you’re getting this and want to be a member…active or not, please call or email for details.  As far as owning guns or renting guns and the various changes of law… remember, it’s a tug of war…Gun owners and gun store owners against those who are afraid for you to have one…they don’t always win.  Much of what you think you might know is not the way it is…  Paul

Next Meeting…Pistol Match!
Sunday, Feb 26   8:00 a.m.


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